small business frustrationsDid you know that every one of the small business frustrations you encounter is preventable?

You need to know, there’s a system to fix ’em!

Furthermore, every frustration meets its Waterloo, when encountering the right opposing force that can defeat chaotic business frustrations.

However, before sharing more about that “opposing force,” let’s discuss THE NOW, in which most small businesses around the globe operate.

In most small businesses, the OWNER is the central hub for the flow of information on how the business operates, from beginning to end.  Without the owner’s constant onsite presence, with hands-on-everything, many small businesses barely function. Consequently, owners become prisoners of their own success.

As a result, as the business grows, so does the owner’s work load. Not to mention, their frustrations and the exponential complexities of operations. Fair to say, the intricacies of business process management can become a nightmare, due to growth!

Small Business Frustrations Meet the Adversary

The battle for the high ground, in business, is fighting for a peaceful environment.  The goal?  That everyone associated with the business can thrive in an atmosphere of order.  Moreover, true order is only sustained by great business systems!  However, this fight is only for a brave heart that won’t retreat when encountering opposition. It’s a fact that, in business you will face opposition!

In many small businesses, owners are in perpetual hand-to-hand combat. They continually fight fires: employee’s disapproval, errors, miscommunications, cash flow issues, customer retention problems, etc. Furthermore, combat-weary owners work long hours and weekends with little time for family, much less, themselves.

“There’s an APP for That”

Tech-savvy people, ever working to make people’s lives more convenient today, are heard to say, “There’s an App for that!”

Likewise, to make a business owner’s life better, by removing business frustrations, at our company we say “THERE’S A SYSTEM TO FIX-EM!”

A sad truth is, bogged down in business process management; many owners don’t see an answer to their small business frustrations. Moreover, they don’t seem to try very hard to find solutions to solve their management issues, although they are so readily available!

However, there are some people who diligently seek and find!

One of the best books for finding answers to business management is The E-myth, by Michael Gerber. His book lays out the strategy for a business battle plan to defeat “the army of business frustrations.”

There are many books out there for learning how to apply a system for every business frustration.  Surely, these frustrations cause disorder and pain—for the customer, the owner, employees, and family. But, this article is NOT about selling you a book, even one of my own.

However, I do hope will get serious about defeating the enemy of business order, once and for all!

Business Systems 101 – One Frustration, One System

A SYSTEM is a group or arrangement of parts, facts, phenomena, etc. Good systems relate to, or interact with each other, in such a way as to form a whole.  It’s an orderly method, plan or procedure.

Let’s assume an owner has a frustration, keeping equipment in his/her business operating at peak performance.  It seems, every time they turn around, someone informs them that a major piece of equipment is down, and production has stopped.

Now, those kinds of frustrations will keep an owner up at night! However, there are “systems to fix ‘em”; namely, a Repair Request System integrated with a Preventative Maintenance Checklist System.

I think you get the point.  One frustration arrested, with one system!

Simple really!

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!