too busy for better businessA troubling trend among “small” business owners is, they’re too busy for better business organization!

Fact is, many owners assume that small business can’t operate with the same sophistication as “big box” franchises.  For this reason, many small business owners never attempt process systematization. Therefore, dysfunction remains “normal operations” in small-thinking businesses.

On the other hand, we receive calls from small business owners who read books like The E-myth, etc. They are extremely excited about the prospect of bringing their business to order, via systems. In fact, they will call to discuss for hours, how the systematization process works.

Many of them claim they want to start, as soon as possible. However, “soon” becomes “next week,” which often becomes NEVER!  Procrastination makes for a deadly business partner!

Too Busy – A Circle of Defeat

There IS a reason that “I want to get started soon” becomes NEVER.

In short, the small business proprietor comes face-to-face with reality. Chaos has kept them “too busy” for better business.

Sadly, they’re too busy to take the less-traveled road of those rare birds who GET IT, but also ACT on it. Those who understand that SYSTEMS are the only hope for real organization and smooth growth!

As a result, they live in the “Same o’ world” where ownership becomes a mere JOB; one bogged down in daily operations.

If only they would realize, systematization is easier in the long run!

Therefore, the decision to change their “small” business is just a fleeting fanciful dream; the never to be “symphony of order”!

Better Business = Better Life

Being too busy at times is part of owning a small business. For this reason, burnout often occurs. Whereas, at this point many owners give up; therefore, never achieving the dream of owning a business that runs whether they’re there or not.

We often hear the excuse from owners that they’ve put in systems, but their employees stop using them, for which they seem mystified.

Respectfully, owners don’t realize that the fact that their employees stop using certain systems is a SYSTEM FAILURE!  In short, a failure of employees conforming to their systems.

However, this non-conforming behavior is FIXABLE, with a SYSTEM!  For example, a System Buster Locator or a CAPA system for fixing ALL non-conformance.

Did I mention? Great systems work for better business!

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