business organization implementationIt’s amazing that so many business owners and leaders fail in their efforts to implement procedures, policies, or other business management methods successfully. Moreover, you would think that business organization implementation is somehow mysterious, complicated, and out of reach for the average business owner.

Apparently, some believe you need to be a rocket scientist, or have years of business process management implementation expertise to systematize a business.

The truth is, business system implementation is “simple stupid” common sense.

True Story | Becoming a Business Systems Expert

After making the decision back in mid-1980’s to systematize my manufacturing business, I had immediate success. In fact, my implementation was so successful that other business owners (our customers), seeing an obvious turnaround in our quality and cleanliness, began asking questions about how I did it.

I was only too happy to share  how we did it, in the most elementary terminology. Truth is, I didn’t know all the business language that consultants and other business experts used. That type of terminology seemed like “rocket science” to me then. However, undeterred, I just kept fixing the frustrations I was having, one step and a time, using common sense methods.

The most surprising thing to me, was when some of our larger customers asked me to come and speak to their employees about business organization. In addition, other companies asked me to conduct tours of my business for their employees, hoping I would also give a seminar.

The Embarrassed and Reluctant Business Aficionado Guru

The truth was, I felt that what I was doing was such a “no-brainer,” I was embarrassed to stand in front of a group of people to tell them what seemed to me, just basis common sense.

“Who am I,” I wondered? “Am I now an expert in business organization methods and quality control?” I felt stupid, telling people things that I thought anyone with a brain should know.

Can you believe I gave lectures then in a well-known university on business organization implementation?  Folks, I must tell you, at times, standing in front of a large room of students and college professors, I felt a little silly. But, those people listened with interest. And, you know, that kind of attention starts to grow on a fella!

What Every Business Owner on the Planet Knows

Every business owner knows the problems and frustrations they already have, because chaos happens to them daily. Sadly, they typically don’t do anything to STOP the frustrations permanently, so business owners just keep stepping in it.
Here are the excuses we hear most often from businesses that fail to implement proper organization:
1. I don’t have TIME to fix it.
2. I don’t know HOW to fix it.

3. I’ve put in systems to fix our frustrations, but our people WON’T DO them.

A Rare Bird Indeed

The truth I learned through my experience in systematizing our own business is, I really am a “RARE BIRD,” as some have told me. Not the smartest bird, just a rare one.

Now, before you think I’m getting too big for my britches, consider the following. There’s only ONE THING that separated me from many small business owners and leaders concerning business organization implementation.

Making the Decision to do it!

THE DECISION to turn-key and organize your business is the most crucial step in the process. To keep moving forward; to never stop until the business runs without you having to be on site always.
THE DECISION to give your employees, customers, and your family a business they can be proud of. To face opposition, despite all set-backs.
And THE DECISION to focus, not distracted with things that really don’t matter, and using those distractions as an excuse to stop.
Don’t settle for “business as usual”… make THE DECISION to become one of those “rare birds” who will do all it takes to bring your business to the next level.

Faith and Theories versus Seen it, Done it

People have asked me many times, if I have faith that my business systems work? I tell them NO, I don’t need faith to know that. Faith is believing in things you haven’t seen. Theories take faith. I’ve witnessed business systems, that we have implemented, not only work, but that have kept working, month after month, year after year. So can you, if you will make THE DECISION!


Did I mention? Great Systems work!