The Wimpy Boss Lately it seems the Wimpy Boss syndrome keeps rearing its ugly head when staff is dialoging with potential clients concerning, How-to implement, standard operating procedures, correctly.
Therefore, we felt the need to revisit an older blog called Wimpy Bosses, Cause Chaotic Confusion in Business.

We’ve been fortunate to work with many business owners and managers for over two decades, but frankly, we are still running into a lot of WIMPY BOSSES.There are some owners who more and more, have succumbed to certain “political correctness.”  This “PC” issue has caused owners to wimp out in the face of opposition and demands from some employees they’ve hired in good faith.

An owner’s rightful expectations, when met with constant grievances, lose the courage to address them head on!

Unfortunately, in our increasingly “PC”, politically correct society, amazingly, employees are often offended by the slightest comment or reprimand, triggering an emotional defensive response. Which in some cases is a defensive tactic to avoid any blame for any mistake or miscommunication concerning their work.

Many business owners hire what they believe to be qualified employees, only to soon meet with opposition, over the smallest requests. Like following company policies, procedures and using a quality assurance checklist.

Even though being compensated, paid to do it.


I suggest… no, I IMPLORE you, as the owner don’t be a wimpy boss: EAT SOME SPINACH!  Become “Popeye” and throw the PC bullies (those “Bluto”s) out the door.  That would be a GREAT system!

Did I mention? Great systems work! They really do.