Reverse the curseReverse the curse of Predictable Events gone haywire!

In other words, stop those recurring, pesky, system-busting, and non-conforming issues that keep tension high among employees and owners.

Make no mistake, NOT controlling the thousands of predictable events occurring daily in a small business and letting them wreak havoc, is a CURSE on a peaceful business culture.

Note, there are two types of events that occur in business operations:

  • A predictable event is a process step in the workflow of building a product or rendering a service. In addition, a predictable event is a process step in the management of Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, and other departments.
  • An UN-predictable event is an occurrence of an unexpected incident, i.e., an Act of God, or vendor mistake, etc. In short, an event that is out of your control as a small business owner.

Although they can be very painful, un-predictable events play a small role versus the number of predictable events occurring daily in a business.

Consequently, the umpteen predictable events will become your worst nightmare, when left to take their natural course.

Therefore, the curse of chaos reigns when predictable events go unclassified and unmapped in a business operation manual.

In fact, by NOT PREDICTING THE PREDICTABLE in a small business, the frustration of errors and internal miscommunications continue indefinitely.

Getting back to Un-predictable events:

By using a systematic approach, you can mitigate/reduce the impact of Acts of God or vendor errors. For example, tracking vendor non-conformance is a very easy system to implement.

By using the CAPA system, ISO companies hold their vendors accountable for all mistakes.

How do I know?  We used the System Buster Locator system very effectively in our former print manufacturing business to hold vendors accountable for mistakes.

In fact, by documenting vendor errors it helps them improve their service.

How to Predict the Predictable

To reverse poor business practices that hurt operations, it requires a never-turn-back decision and an ongoing commitment to continual improvement.

Sadly, most small business owners never experience the real joy and peace of operating a company. One that runs like a well-oiled machine, needing little oversight by the owner.

The price and time commitment to develop a fine-tuned business is low when compared to the difficulty of running a disorderly operation.

In today world, a business owner does not need to start from scratch, especially when companies like ours exist.

Whereby, we train small business owners how to reverse the curse by using a systematic method of PREDICTING THE PREDICTABLE.

It’s not rocket science, but with steadfast effort, it can propel a business into places they never dreamed.

Here are a few key systems to predict the predictable; thereby, reducing errors, and miscommunications close to zero:

Did I mention? These great systems work!