MIS softwareThe letters MIS refer to Management Information System. Most successful small manufacturing companies use MIS Software to manage service and production. Surprisingly, in most companies there’s only a 20% utilization of the features in MIS software.  In fact, we’ve heard horror stories concerning companies purchasing $50,000 MIS Software; whereby, there was a complete failure to launch.

As with all business frustrations that result in errors or system failures, underneath the surface is a searchable root cause.


Three Main Reasons for MIS Software Failure to Launch

1. No Quality Time for MIS Software Implementation

In most instances, the leadership of business system’s implementation is placed in the hands of chance and good intentions.  That is, once an owner/manager sees the dire need of systems, they often pass the implementation project on to a staff member who tends to be less motivated.  Being “too busy” to drive for desired results, the owner often gives up, on even the best solutions. Therefore, it seems no one has time to do it right!

The owner of the business should be the one to lead the Management Information System implementation charge—AND to be the go-to person on the day of launch.

MIS software is the most important system in a manufacturing/service company!  Given this point, doesn’t it seem reasonable and important for the TOP PERSON in the organization to lead the launch?

With that in mind, there is a ROOT CAUSE for why small business owners and managers don’t have quality time to effectively implement systems, i.e. BPM Software or MIS Management Information.

It’s simply because, the business is bogged down in time-wasting chaos. That, my friend, is a fact! Business owners and managers are using precious time putting out fires in the business, due to lack of simplified and effective management processes.

2. No Vision for MIS Software Capabilities

In most cases, owners delegate the investigation of various MIS Management Information Systems to others. Therefore, the owner knows little, and will continue to know little, about the capabilities of the MIS Software. Sadly, many owners don’t stop to consider the business process they currently have in place, and how the new MIS software feature would improve or fix that. Business leaders need business vision!

Would an owner invest in an expensive new machine for production and not know why they need it?

3. Lack of knowledge of Implementing Business Systems

Many small business owners have bought into the myth that total quality management and organization via systematization is for the “big boys.” They tend to believe that level of control for small business is a waste of time. To be fair, many printing company’s do have MIS software implemented with some degree of success. But, they never go further with software systematization; or for that matter, manual systems. In other words, the continual improvement process ends there. “Good, is good enough!” they say.

Implementing good business systems is NOT hard, or rocket science. Neither, does MIS refer to missiles in space. Launching MIS Software is also NOT hard! However, it does take quality time to do it right; a lot of quality time.

Gain More Time to Work on Business Management Systems

To summarize, all business system’s successful implementation STARTS AT THE TOP. In other words, if the owner doesn’t understand the system and embrace the system, failure to launch is unavoidable. Owners need to make the decision to organize their business, systematically.  That way, they learn how to clone themselves, figuratively speaking, by delegating via systems.

I suggest you read The E-myth, and System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business. There are many great articles right here on our System100 website.

So, stop procrastinating.  You can do it!  We can help!

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!