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total quality management softwareTQM | Total Quality Management Software can profoundly change a business owner’s life in a matter of months, if implemented. Moreover, a positive change in the lives of their employees and family.

This statement is not based on a theory or concept. In fact, Total Quality Management is working now in many businesses. Therefore, it’s proven!

Most business leaders assume implementing TQM is like rocket science. Truth is, when studied, Total Quality Management is just plain common sense. To be fair, when first introduced to the TQM Methodology, a business owner is often a little intimidated. However, within a brief period they discover how simple TQM really is.

Our founder wrote a book about the journey from reactive style management to total quality management, called System Busters; How to Stop Them in Your Business.

TQM | Total Quality Management Software | Provides Real Controls

Most companies have some type of management software, i.e., Job/Project Tracking and CRM, etc. Sadly, that doesn’t ensure the right controls are in place to PREVENT errors and miscommunications that cause frustrations; much less, the tools to control them.  For this reason, acquiring that type of software is ONLY the beginning of management.

Truth is, most software does not address the WHY, the root cause of problems encountered, in managing a business. In fact, most management software don’t have the control features needed to assure total management.

Again, Total Quality Management addresses EVERY aspect of a business.  Management must know WHY a non-conformance occurs, and then fix it systematically. Therefore, to achieve systematic and continual improvement, a TQM – Total Quality Management software is CRUCIAL.

What is Total Quality Management – TQM | Common Sense

The fundamental definition of Total Quality Management (TQM) is—a method, whereby owners and management commit to continual improvement of every facet of their business. Moreover, all members of the business contribute in improving processes, services, products and the environment where they work.

Specifically, by the owners/management commitment to never-ending-improvement in all areas of their organization, it creates a positive feedback loop; guaranteeing that—as service, production and product improves—the system of improvement also improves! That’s a mouth full, read that again.

Total=Every Area of a Business.

Quality=Great product, service, and business culture.

Management=Unbiased administration, through written processes, continually improved systematically.

Don’t Start from Scratch | Save Years and Hit the Ground Running!

System100™ a TQM – Total Quality Management software, saves years of building and implementing TQM in a business. We have over two decades of experience and knowledge; also, an array of solutions and a “brain-trust” of hundreds of documents for use as templates. As a result, this aids and speeds up the implementation process of total quality management control.

TQM – Total Quality Management Software Benefits

  • Market value of a company substantially increased
  • Business owners freed from daily operations
  • Profit up
  • Errors close to zero
  • Fewer and more productive meetings
  • Fewer managers
  • Customer turnover reduced
  • Employee turnover vastly reduced
  • More productive and cooperative employees
  • More peaceful work environment
  • Production much improved
  • Production through-put shortened with less exertion
  • Free word-of-mouth promotions from satisfied customers
  • More time/resources to give back to the community
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