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business organization Is your company in need of business organization? If your goal is to grow your company and also have the option to leave the office without operations falling apart, consider using a method called business organization through systematization!

With this in mind, McDonald’s the hamburger giant grows exponentially, due to its “SYSTEM.”  Moreover, every McDonald’s franchisee operates using the SAME “System.”

Therefore, they can rubber stamp a new location so as to ensure ALL employees are on the same page. As a result, on opening day of a new McDonald’s franchisee, they hit the ground running without chaos. Simply because, they have the same written systems operating in every location.

In addition, using systematization, with all staff accountable to “THE SYSTEM,” an owner can leave the premise without operations going into a tail-spin!


Benefits of Organization Using Written Interactive Systems:

  • Employees can do their job without managements constant supervision
  • The company will run efficiently even when management or owners are NOT onsite
  • Errors and waste reduced, therefore adding to the bottom-line
  • Stress drastically reduced whereby a more peaceful work environment is established
  • The acquisition value of the company increased substantially
  • Management has more time to grow the business
  • Promotes teamwork by having better communications
  • Customer and employee turnover drastically reduced

There are many more benefits, however, seeing is believing!

And be sure to watch the three videos below:

To begin business organization via systematization, consider building a written operations manual. Moreover, an operations manual that describes how your company will operate, look and feel.

The Tour of Lean video below shows how a business looked and operated AFTER organized using a written operations manual. Whereby, the owner and management fully-implemented best practices in every aspect of the company.

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