Ordinary Routine of BusinessLiving and working in the ordinary routine of business can be a mundane affair. On the other hand, in a systemized business that’s thriving and continually improving, one can rise above the mundane.

That’s when work can be fun, as evidenced by happy employees and a VERY happy owner!

From our vantage point, we see both sides—the “Same O’ mundane job” and the “I can’t wait to go to work!” crowd.

Unfortunately, those working in a disorderly business don’t call it LIVING, they identify it as SURVIVING. Monotony and frustration, between paychecks!

Most small businesses operate using a shoot-from-the-hip management style; only dealing with those inevitable crises as they occur. Consequently, that chasing-your-tail existence has them doing whatever it takes to get a service rendered or a product delivered.

Admittedly, I also experienced the mundane routine of business. As a first-time small business owner back in the nineties, my initial euphoria over having a profit-making operation soon turned to, “Oh, Lord, what have I gotten myself into? HELP!”

Statistically, it takes about five years for a new business to arrive at the “Oh, Lord” point.

The Naturally Gifted Organizers

It’s true; some folks can handle a mundane routine much better than others. However, when the mundane routine turns into a living nightmare of disorder, job hating and disillusionment—then depression sets-in. Yes, this applies to owners, managers, and employees.

Although infrequently, we have witnessed long-time business owners shedding tears over the hopelessness they feel fighting daily business turmoil.

In contrast, there are owners and managers gifted with natural organizational skills who handle the whirly world of business with grit and determination. That is, so long as their cell phone is handy to help them keep up the pace!

These “natural organizers” have no problem doing vacations, children’s sporting events and a host of other activities, using their “cell phone in the ear management system.”

However, even for those cell phone super-heroes of business management, there comes a point of work overload. And then comes the, “Oh, Lord!”

To be sure, without an interactive, expandable operation system, documented in a comprehensive operations manual, burn-out is right around the corner.

Living the Extra-ordinary Life of Business

Now, there are those business owners and managers we call “RARE BIRDS,” who strive for the extra-ordinary life of business. Their a cut above. These folks have other names, like the owner of Pro-Care of Nashville whose nickname is “Mr. Systems,” a long-time client of System100™.

What separates these “rare birds” from the management-by-cell-phone gang? They have systemized their business to the point; they don’t have to be onsite for the business to run smoothly. And their family and other activities are not being constantly interrupted!

In fact, many are now volunteer advisors to other business owners, as well as paid coaches in their industry. Yes, they KNOW and have PROVED the power of interactive business systems.

They didn’t start a business just to have a secure JOB. No, they started a business to OWN a business. For them it’s an investment, providing them financial independence and the freedom to leave the office without worry of operations falling apart.

To be sure, these “rare birds” don’t require a CELL PHONE plugged in their ear.

Yep, you got it! They have mastered business process management systems and are always open to new ideas. The continual improvement of not only their business, but also their LIFE!

Did I mention? Great systems work!