Business Communications via cell phoneSolid business communications are critical in all mediums today. Staying connected with customers and prospects is crucial to “getting the early worm.” However, allowing your cell phone to be a constant line to you, the owner, can be problematic!

In 2012, I finally bought a new Apple iPhone 4-S, replacing a five-year-old Blackberry. It allowed me (as my sons had laughingly encouraged) to “step into the 21st Century.”

Moi?—the designer and developer of some pretty darned sophisticated, if simple to use business systems software—a notoriously outdated cell phone user?  Let me explain…

My Brand of Business Communications

Although I enjoy having a cell phone, I admit I have yet to used most of its features. These past 15 years SYSTEMS have so simplified my business life, I’ve been able to run my business from my office, NOT from my phone for the most part. I’m thankful for that!

I agree, cell phones are great tools for staying connected with my wife and some others. And, YES, for discussing business matters of higher importance at times; however, mainly after hours or when away from the office.

In recent years, I’ve noticed that many business owners and managers actually run their businesses via their cell phones. They’re constantly allowing calls and text messages to interrupt even important meetings, meals, and any personal time. Many of my business friends rely so heavily on their cell phones; moreover, the devices have become like prosthetics attached to the sides of their heads. Cell phone calls are literally owning many hours of their day.

“So what?” you ask.

Your Cell Phone: Wonder Tool or Albatross?

What I have witnessed is that a cell phone, surely a “wonder tool,” has for some become an albatross, a shackle and a burden. I’ve observed some pain and embarrassment on the faces of owners who now want to get rid of them, but don’t know how.  Their children, spouses and others have become sick of seeing these execs with a cell phone stuck in an ear, because they’re tired of hearing, “I’m sorry, I have to take this call. It’s important.” Or, “Excuse me, I need to take this call. There’s a problem at the office.” Or, “Sorry, can’t believe I’m getting called again, but I’ll need to take it!.” So it goes.

Just recently, I traveled to a corporate meeting with a business associate; I was astounded at the amount of calls he received from his office—virtually one after another. He was running his business via the cell phone, and I got to hear the whole thing! For six long hours, I got to be part of what was obviously CHAOS back at his business.  By the time we got back to Nashville, I was worn out with it.

“Does this go on all day, every day?” I asked my friend.

“Yes, and I hate it!” he said, “But I don’t know how to stop it!”

So, how DO you stop it?

The good news is… the problems and issues my friend was addressing, call after call, are easily remedied using good SYSTEMS! These business practices cut through the mess and STOP the desperation calls from eating up time each day.

A Challenge for Healthy Business Communications

I CHALLENGE YOU BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS who receive a large number of cell phone calls each day. Keep a small writing pad with you wherever you go, and, for the next 10 cell phone calls you receive related to your business, write down:

  • The REASON for the call, and
  • The INFORMATION the caller was seeking that he/she could not find on their own.

Then ask yourself:

  • Was the call necessary and worth interrupting what you were doing?
  • What could you do to prevent the need for this type of call, permanently?

Think of each call as an ERROR in your business—a non-conforming event, or a “system buster.” Now, imagine what it would be like if you could put into place a simple business communications system to keep MANY such calls from occurring.

It’s just possible, you may really LIKE having a cell phone stuck in your ear, as it makes you feel constantly engaged and vital to your business. So, if change is not an option for you, you could have your cell phone permanently implanted. Or, maybe try therapy?

I suggest that it’s rude and inconsiderate to put others through the constant bombardment of your cell phone communications! Those others become a captive audience to your lack of order; or, I would say, your lack of good planning—good systems.

Something to CONSIDER?

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!