Wild Enthusiastic OptimistHow do you become a wild enthusiastic optimist concerning your business?

Start by considering!

For instance, CONSIDER how many times employees interrupt you by asking for needed instructions to move forward with their job.

How often do they ask you where something is located, or how to complete a certain process?  Or, share with you everything that’s wrong with your current operations and/or other employees?

Some business owners claim to have an “open door policy.”  In other words, owners’ welcome employee interruptions, believing they will find favor while addressing employee suggestions and/or concerns. BAD SYSTEM!

Now, CONSIDER the cost and the number of errors made in YOUR business. And CONSIDER all the dysfunctional non-conformance that causes a great deal of frustration for you AND others.

Considering these events that often occur in most small businesses; it’s evident, they DON’T stir up much optimism.

To be fair, despite a mountain of business frustrations found in small business, some owners continue believing, tomorrow will be better. In fact, they claim if they didn’t have faith in the hope that things will get better, they would QUIT!

Unfortunately, in many small businesses, chaos remains, and the way the business functions rarely changes for the better.

For this reason, many small business owners end up quitting due to BURNOUT!

From Considering to Making Changes

Being a WILD enthusiastic optimist about a small business is a rare bird, indeed! Especially for those who have been in business for five-plus years.

Most new owners START OUT very optimist. Then realization hits: they don’t OWN the business—the business has taken ownership of them!

Moreover, their vision of having freedom to do the things they’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time, is now a mirage.


A business owner who has come to the light of systemization is on their way to becoming a WILD enthusiastic optimist!

In fact, not only regarding their business, but their LIFE!

Back to Considering

Consider again, those earlier mentioned frustrations, stealing small business owner’s optimism and life.


EVERY frustration encountered in the operations of a small business is solvable by a system!

Whereby, every operation/function in a business, broken down into a step-by-step process, is very attainable. In fact, they can be broken down to a level that a 12-year-old will understand.

We wrote the book on this!

Yes, it takes time to build a business that functions systematically.

However, once achieved, the VALUE of a small business grows immensely.

More importantly, the LIFE of the business owner becomes more peaceful and positive.

Did I mention?

With all I’ve learned about the power of great business systems—I’m still a WILD, enthusiastic optimist!