Get the RE Out of Your BusinessYour best laid plans are doomed to failure, if you don’t get the RE out of your business!

So, why is it bad for business, and what the heck does “RE” mean?

Fact is, RE is a prefix, a loanword from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition. It also means, “back” or “backward” as in backward motion.

Here are some RE words known to cause business owners sleepless nights: Rework, Recalls, Re-deliveries, Re-estimates, Reprints, and Returns, etc.  All those are non-conforming actions negatively effecting a company’s bottom-line.

Other examples of “RE” words that wreak havoc in business are: Redundancies, Rescheduling, Repeating, Recalculating, and Reemphasizing, etc.

5 Instances of “re” words for clarification;

1. Redundancies in employee tasks

2. Rescheduling of jobs due to lack of information or bottlenecks

3. Repeating job instructions attributed to inadequate job on-boarding

4. Recalculating job specs caused by miscommunications

5. Reemphasizing quality and service as a result of poor policy training

Does this apply to any business you know?

Tools to Get the RE out of Business Permanently

We hear daily from businesses, sharing the fact they have little-to-no tools for controlling Recurring errors and other non-conforming events. In fact, some say their company is moving backwards, as far as QUALITY of jobs and services is concerned.

Some tools for eliminating “RE” include a comprehensive Operations Manual, along with a Document Management System for keeping the Operation Manual’s documents current.

In addition, a system for tracking and documenting the ROOT CAUSE of “RE,” which is the REAL REASON WHY stupid non-conformance cause bottlenecks in operations, again and again.

For small business, we recommend BPMBusiness Process Management software. For large businesses, an ERP software, or a comprehensive BMP software.

Operating any size business without these types of tools is self-inflicted folly.  It also imposes unnecessary pain on employees who deal daily with the insanity of chaotic operations.

Did I mention? Great systems work by Removing Remorse and Regret!