better management controlsIt’s a fact, better management controls equals a better life! Are you a small business owner who’s had the dream of becoming financially independent? Moreover, the dream of being able to have lots of free time to do those things you’ve always wanted to do?

Does your dream seem shattered, because the business has consumed you? It’s not too late to make that first dream a reality. However, making the decision to START is the most critical step in the process of better business process management.

I KNOW, because I did it!

Making the decision to FIX all the frustrations in my business is still the best business decision I made. Starting from the scratch back in 1994 with NO software, NO training and NO experience, I forged ahead. As a result, our business organization changed for the better, immediately. Surprisingly, it was fun at times, especially when we implemented a management process that worked. In other words, we implemented a “system” to FIX those business frustrations that make operating a small business harder than it should ever be.

Better Management Controls | Not Rocket Science

Every small business owner or manager KNOWS why their business is disorganized. Fact is, the results of disorganization happen to them every day!  Errors, in-house bickering among employees, miscommunications, and losing customers are just a few of the frustrations owners and managers face each day. I could write a book on this; in fact, I did!

I could not believe how simple the solutions were to fix the messes in our company. I began to list on a yellow pad EVERY frustration that came my way each day. In fact, when I walked to the back of our shop I carried that yellow pad to write down my employee’s frustrations. As a business owner, you know that when you walk around your business you always encounter employees with questions. For example, they may need time off, or they didn’t receive a part for a machine or materials needed to do their job.

Better Management Controls | A Road Few Travel

Every frustration you encounter is the result of NOT having a system to fix and stop them, permanently. As a result, many business owners continue year after year, bogged-down in mundane operations, stepping in the same messes and spreading it around. Therefore, the spreading continues, and everyone in the company steps in the same messes.

In conclusion, there is a road to a better life that few business owners have the courage to travel. Nevertheless, we will continue to preach the gospel of better  management thru process controls, and we’ll get in the trenches with those seeking help on that road less-traveled. Be certain, at the end of that road is a better life!

Did I mention? Great systems work!


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