Great Swelling WordsA few weeks ago, I came across a quote by a well-known author, “… speaking great swelling words of nothingness.” It seemed to jump right off the page! I do a lot of writing and some speaking, so I must be careful not to overstate or wrongfully claim expertise.

Therefore, I’ve enlisted a great editor, my wife, who checks my verbiage and all. Sometimes, she pulls hard on my chain to indicate “STOP”, before I say something regrettable.

Business Owners Steppin’ in Messes | Seeking Words of Wisdom

The fact is, I get a little irritable, seeing owners stepping in the same old horse dung; spreading it all over their business. Then they wonder WHY “things” seem to stink so badly. Can they not recognize the stink of errors, miscommunications, and just general business chaos?

Furthermore, when those “things” hit the fan, the air in the business can get foul in a hurry. As a result, business owners want and look for a “quick fix” to clear the air.

Consequently, they often turn to the first person who “seems” to be an expert in stink removal. You know, those who claim to be gurus, consultants and business coaches in the field of cleaning up—horse manure! Please suffer the analogy.

The danger with this is, many so-called experts pontificate by speaking, “great sounding words of nothingness.” In truth, they’re clouds without rain!  Some of them have read business books and taken courses on implementing business management processes; some have given seminars and even written books on the subject of cleaning up messes by systemizing.

The problem is, many of those have never owned a business of any significance; much less systemized a business by turn-keying it from the front to the back!

What to Ask a Consultant or Business “Guru”

All consultants and business coaches are not pretentious bloviators, full of hot-air. But, as with any product or service, questions need answers until satisfied.

So, what is the most important question to ask a so-called guru or expert in the field of removing business frustrations (stink)?


In other words, have they gotten down in the trenches and shoveled the horse manure to remove those business frustrations in their OWN business?  Or, are they just telling others how to do it. Seems to me, that’s putting the cart before the horse!

Again, can such “experts” prove they’ve successfully done it?

In conclusion, you might ask them if their business could run without them needing to be on-site?

Regardless, whether you can find an expert in shoveling—an actually qualified business coach—you still need to make the decision to clean up the “stink” in your business!

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!