You Can't Un-see What You've Already SeenYou can’t un-SEE what you’ve already seen, goes without saying. And, for small business, it is especially true when it comes to quality control of service and products.

Over the past several decades of speaking with business owners, we have heard the regrets of their “back-sliding,” regarding quality control missteps.

In light of this, we receive calls from clients and prospects now wanting to RE-double their efforts to control not only the quality of their service and/or product, but every area of business.

Yep, once you’ve SEEN a quality control system in place, STOPPING errors and employee miscommunications, you’ll never be the same. Again, reality is, you can’t un-see what you’ve already seen. You KNOW it’s the best way to go; it’s only a matter of making the decision to implement it or stay the course!

Unfortunately, when a BIG mistake occurs, the owner suffers the consequences. This happens when employees, thinking these systems are no longer relevant, set quality control systems aside.

At which point, regret sets in and, hopefully, these unnecessary mistakes motivate the owner to get everyone BACK ON THE SYSTEM.

However, if the owner can’t muster the courage to insist on compliance, mistakes and miscommunications will continue. And, sadly, so will the owners’ regrets.

Now, back to those calls from remorseful business owners wanting to redouble efforts to control errors… It’s important to schedule refresher and new training to focus on those identified areas of concern.

With that, our training focus will be on TRACKING all non-conformance. We first determine the actual COST OF DISORDER.

Remember, if you don’t know what’s broke, you can’t fix it!

Remorse Leads to a New Vision of Freedom

Many times, we’ve written articles concerning the “promised land,” where owners are FREE from mundane daily operations.

Yes, FREE to leave the office without their cell phone exploding. And, FREE to walk through production areas without employees stopping them to ask umpteen questions, or make all types of suggestions.

More importantly, FREE of calls from irate customers inquiring about their job or service being late, poorly produced, and/or unacceptable.

Truth is, we could site many horror stories about a business owner’s LACK of freedom caused from poor systematization.

However, here are a few suggestions for obtaining and maintaining freedom from the constant barrage of mistakes and miscommunications that occur in MOST small business:

  • Take systematization of business seriously!
  • Stop procrastinating!
  • Grow a spine!
  • Never assign to others your responsibly of implementing YOUR vision!
  • Read our book and “The E-myth”!

Did I mention? Great systems work!