Repent of Poor Business HabitsRepent from poor business habits before it’s too late!

Don’t permit confusion to reign in your business. Whereby employees, customers and others suffer the consequences of loosey-goosey workflow processes and systems.

For context, the word “repent” means to turn from current methods or behavior.

It’s also associated with a remorseful/sorrowful change of heart, due to current or past approaches.

As a business owner, we should have remorse for putting employees in compromising situations, like repeatedly making excuses to customers for poor service and quality.

Michael Gerber, author of the popular business book “The E-myth,” made a profound statement… “YOU are the problem, YOU will always be the problem, until YOU change!”

Gerber also said, “If you are UNWILLING to change, your business will never be capable of giving you what you want.”

Simply stated, chaos in YOUR business will continue until you repent from lazy business habits. More importantly, without acknowledging problems in your business, and that YOU are to blame, nothing changes.

No doubt, all small business owners have a vision/concept of how they want their business to function. It’s how they picture their business providing for themselves, family, and others.

Therefore, to see your dream become reality, repentance is not optional!

Knowledge of Business Systems is Vital, Yet Attainable

Before believing the lie that business systems are too complex, STOP and consider.

Consider the fact that you are now running your entire business out of your head!

THAT my friend, is not easy to do. In fact, that’s much harder than allowing systems to run your business.

Also consider… as the business owner, you KNOW every frustration causing employee miscommunications and blunders. And, you know where those problems originate.

Furthermore, you know HOW to fix them!

You MUST fix them! Why? To get paid.

In fact, most business owners are more experienced with FIXING those recurring problems, than preventing them to begin with!

The irony is, most small business owners WILL NOT REPENT of poor business habits that cause them continual grief and frustration.

Systemization takes some time to implement, but it becomes the welcome and permanent cure for an ailing business.

For the GOOD NEWS! When a wise business owner sees the light of how business systems work to improve life, he or she will gladly REPENT!

We have helped many small business owners walk in the LIGHT and FIX every business frustration that causes them and others pain.

Did I mention, great systems remove the need for remorse!