You Better Be Right

When a business “experts” promote themselves expecting a business owner to invest in their services, the owner might tell them, “YOU BETTER BE RIGHT!”

We’ve all met knowledgeable business coaches with respectable reputations; known for prescribing helpful information.  Specifically, helpful business information that WORKS!  Therefore, an investment with this type business coach or expert would likely be a sound investment.

However, there are consultants who have never put what they preach to a REAL TEST.  I might ask… can they say emphatically, without any doubt, that what they recommend actually WORKS?  In other words, have they implemented in their OWN business, from start to finish, what they preach about?

Faith Is Hoping In What You Can’t See | Seeing is Believing

I can say, unquestioningly, RIGHT SYSTEMS achieve positive transforming results without needing pie-in-the-sky faith that they “might” work!  Why?  Because, I’ve SEEN them work—and, actually, so have YOU!

When Japanese automobile companies started making inroads to the United States market back in the 1970’s, American cars were considered inferior.  In fact, after only a few years of purchasing a new one, American autos looked terrible and performed worse.  On the other hand, Japanese cars lasted for years, with little maintenance.  Why?

Japanese auto manufacturers implemented business processes for quality control, along with systems to monitor the continual improvement process. Therefore, Japanese cars kept improving, year after year.

American automobile companies finally woke up and implemented the same type quality control systems in their manufacturing process.  Subsequently, there’s now no doubt that American cars are extremely reliable, compared to cars of the past.  All because of systemization!

“You better be RIGHT!” you might say, should you consider using these type systems in your own business.  What I know is, process business systems, along with continual improvement, will transform a company into a positive, forward-moving entity. More importantly, not just the company, but the business owners and employees, as well!

Small Business Owner’s Seeing, But Not Believing

I must admit, it often frustrates me hearing small business owners say, “I don’t know if quality control and service controls systems will work in my company.”  It’s amazing that some don’t see that they may be only ONE system away from doing the “Rocky” dance!

They may be only ONE SYSTEM AWAY from freeing up hours of their time, not to mention improving quality and service, cutting their waste ratios, and SAVING A TON OF MONEY!  For some strange reason—they don’t see it, when they see it!

To be fair, some small business owners enjoy staying small, having their hands on everything, and wearing most of the hats.  As for me, I hated being bogged down in day-to-day operations; constantly interrupted with the same questions. I wanted the option to leave the building whenever, without worrying about things falling apart.

Somewhere it says, “Seek, and you will find…”

Ultimately, after reading just three chapters of a popular book on business systems, I was convinced well-designed systems would work for any type of company.  I made the decision to begin a new course in my business. In just a few months, the systems we implemented were more effective than I ever expected.

“Philip, you better be right!”  I KNOW I’M RIGHT!

Did I mention? Great Systems work!