This is what I knowAs a business owner for over three decades, THIS IS WHAT I KNOW.

When there is no written operations manual for how a business runs, it’s a sure sign the owner has that critical information locked in his or her head.

Therefore, when employees need access to that information to perform their job duties, they must often interrupt the owner.

KNOW THIS—an owner keeping business operations in their head is a recipe for burn-out!

This is also what I know…

When a business has no QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM, the owner suffers, along with employees, customers; even their own family, having to hear about the daily grievances. The result is chaos, and chaos is a train-wreck in progress!

Consequently, the owner is continuously frustrated and employees are stressed.

KNOW THIS—without addressing QUALITY, systematically, it guarantees a continual stream of TURNOVERS; customers, employees and possibly a family member or two.

Here’s more of what I know

Without a DAILY ROUTINE CHECKLIST SYSTEM, owners do not know what their employees really do. Oh, the owner knows what they’re supposed to do, but only vaguely how they accomplish it.  It’s important to have written procedures and processes for what employees do, from the time they arrive, until going home!

As a result, some less than honest employees use haphazard procedures as an excuse NOT to complete those NOT-S0-OBVIOUS tasks assigned to them.

For example, those monthly and yearly maintenance duties. And what about the filing of job tickets and other critical information like OSHA requirements? Not to mention, computer backups, ordering of supplies, licenses, and countless other duties. As these tasks go unfinished, or forgotten altogether, they back up production and cause additional chaos.

KNOW THIS—without a Daily Routine Checklist System, the owner will continue to pay the cost of tasks swept under the rug. Unfortunately, employees know an owner will never be able to keep up with the thousands of tasks needed to run a business.

That is, without proper systems!

AND, if an owner happens to remember a task they assigned, but was not completed, an employee can simply say,” I FORGOT!” And it may be they did! However, the Daily Routine Checklist System NEVER forgets—tasks or steps in the process.

This I Know – Systems are the Answer

Fact is, employees are NOT at fault or to blame when operational systems are not in place. When errors occur, tasks are not completed, and other blunders crop up in operations, you can bet, the owner never provided a proper SYSTEM.

It must be a comprehensive system that ensures nothing is left to chance. A system that PROMPTS a call to action.

Please believe me, this is not an untested theory. THIS IS WHAT I KNOW!

There is no need to START FROM SCRATCH building an operations manual. Nor, do you need to start from scratch developing systems that are accessible online and reportable. You need the systems mentioned above, Quality Assurance and Daily Routine Checklists.

And I know this…

If you decide to start from scratch building a comprehensive system for your small business, plan on spending around six to seven years in the effort. But your time is valuable, and there’s a better way!

YOU NEED TO KNOW that an online, subscription-based BPM system is the best investment and asset you can give your business. A time and money-saving investment!

KNOW THIS, with that investment, the time required to implement a comprehensive system is reduced from years to mere months.

Did I mention, I KNOW, great systems work!