Small Business Owner’s Biggest FearIt’s said, the #1 human fear is public speaking, but I would argue, the thought of making sales calls ranks right up there with public speaking as a small business owner’s biggest fear.

Especially, the dreaded COLD CALL!

Many small business owners fear the possibility of rejection, so they procrastinate when it comes to sales and marketing.


These owners will read every article, attend seminars on sales and marketing; but, instead of getting out there and facing those fears, many turn to sales people to do that job for them.

The problem with that method is, many owners never truly understand the process of sales; the good, the bad and the ugly. Hiring sales people is a good thing; however, without a good working knowledge of the sales and marketing process, this can lead to some BAD HIRES.

Nothing Happens in Business Without Sales

Any small business owner knows their number one priority is acquiring business. For the simple reason that without sales, nothing happens!

Comparatively, we systemize businesses; but, of course, without SALES there is nothing to systemize.

I’ve learned a thing or two over the many years about selling and marketing by being a small business owner.

Sales People Sell Themselves to the Fearful

Sales and marketing is the number one topic in the business world. So-called “experts” of Sales and marketing tend to impress and fascinate other business people who remain mystified by Sales & Marketing.

Sales people also tend to have outgoing personalities. As a result, they are NOT afraid to meet new people, and so they enjoy what they do. Therefore, sales people are more than happy to do what many business owners and managers avoid and even have an aversion to.

With that blow-the-door-open personality, sales people have learned to SELL many business owners on the idea that they can quickly turn the company’s sales around, with that as a possibility, what business owner could turn down that pitch? Especially a business owner who fears sales; and a “sales-savior” with the turnaround solution sitting right in front of them!

No, not all sales people take advantage of the fearful!

A System to Overcome the Fear of Selling

Looking deeper, there is a root cause to this fear-of-selling. Since, I’m not a psychologist or clergyman; I’m not going to tackle the psychosis or fear of selling. However, implementing a system for sales can be LIFE CHANGING, while overcoming the fear of the COLD CALL.

How do I know this, I did it!

When Fears of Cold Calls Come Calling

Assuming you are one of those owners who have a hidden fear of going out, knocking on doors, or making cold phone calls that have you speaking to strangers—here is the solution:

Have strangers call you!

When strangers call you, it will put to rest that aversion you may have of ASKING someone you don’t know for something. Not to mention, that crippling fear, someone might say NO!

During the process of systemizing Selling and Marketing, something wonderful begins to happen. The fear and the mystery of selling begins to fade. Consequently, you become intrigued with the wonderful world of Sales and Marketing, not to mention implementing systems. You may even become an expert!

Consider the following systems, to begin your journey:


  • A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SOFTWARE that integrates with the rest of your business. Customer Relationship Management is just that, because you must manage Suspects and Prospects before they become Customers.
  • A WEBSITE you have full control over. Do not outsource all aspects of your Website to a so-called expert. Most people who build Websites know very little about Sales and Marketing, and much less about YOUR industry. Many know very little about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the countless other items you will become familiar with in managing your Website.  Make sure all PASSWORDS to your Website’s administration are in your possession. In addition, maintain total access to the server where your Website resides. Most importantly, maintain exclusive ownership of the URL, the address of your Website; whereby, you also have total access to make changes to vital information. Once lost, it is very hard to recover.
  • Email Marketing software, i.e. Now Contact. There are several good ones on the market. This enables you to stay in contact with prospects and customers in a non-threatening way.
  • A good mail list provider for getting addresses for mailing out postcards and other marketing material.

I could write a whole book about systematizing Sales & Marketing, coupled with the fears associated with the subject; fears that are mere shadows conjured up in our minds by the unknown.

In conclusion, you have access to all the information you could ever absorb in your lifetime, right at your fingertips, due to the high-tech world in which we live. There is a cost for doing nothing!

You are the boss of YOU, so get going and those FEARS will soon leave!

Did I mention?  Great Systems Work!

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