intangibleI received a call this week from one of my favorite clients (I’ll call him Jim), who has become a close friend over the past few years.  Jim couldn’t wait to tell me he had sold his business, adding that the intangible asset my company had helped to implement played a major role in the sale.  “Y’all are a Godsend,” Jim drawled in his Kentucky accent.

Folks, that call made my day! The reason being, our mission for the past twenty years is to help owners organize their businesses, one system at a time.

For this reason, it’s rewarding to see an owner gain control of his or her business through systematization. Control systems, the well-conceived processes that operate a company from front to back, are the intangible asset that adds to the value a business.

You see, a few years ago Jim’s company was experiencing extreme chaos. Moreover, he was working 14 hours each day trying to keep up. However, we’re pleased to say, all that changed after Jim read our book. But more importantly, Jim made the DECISION to implement the systems we teach and provide through software.

The Intangible Asset becomes Tangible Cash

Jim’s business life and world changed with that all important decision. I’m proud to say, he was one who never turned back from his decision to turnkey his business systematically, no matter how difficult the opposition was from others. He’s a true champion and leader!

Jim built a several million-dollar, Water & Fire Mitigation company, one that became attractive to those investing in a well-run business. As a result, his dream of financial independence has arrived.  In fact, Jim and I had a long discussion about some of the things he will be doing with his new freedom.

How exciting is that—when the intangible becomes tangible!

Folks, my friend Jim is now living what we’ve been preaching, speaking, writing, teaching, exhorting, and coaching is possible.  That is, the number one intangible asset for a business is a well-written Operations Manual.  Why?

Those seeking to buy or invest in a business, do NOT want one that runs like the average “mom & pop” shop. In other words, they desire a business that operates smoothly even when the owner is not present.

Jim also informed us, the new owner will continue using our service. In fact, he wants to implement our systems in all his other companies.

Congratulations, to my friend Jim!

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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