Optimal OrderWe encounter many owners of small-to-midsize businesses who are in search of optimal order. Unfortunately, most of them are looking for a “quick fix.”

Although there is NOT necessarily a quick fix for disorder, there is a SIMPLE FIX!

As always, we make clear to owners that the most important step in bringing a business to optimal, best possible, order requires a never-turn-back DECISION.

In short, no matter the opposition owners’ encounter during implementation, they must stay the course until achieving optimal order.

Attaining order really IS a simple fix, but it’s not quick, or without commitment!

Now, if you start from scratch, it will take several years to arrive at optimal order.

How do I know?

When beginning the mission to systemize our commercial printing company in the early nineties, the concentrated process took around seven years to complete.

But YOU DON’T HAVE TO start from scratch. The “better mouse trap” is available.

Back then, we had to start from scratch, due to lack of knowledge and pride. We discovered also, there were no online programs on the market with all the features needed to FIX our problems.

Yet, even as we built the systems from ground zero, we witnessed near immediate positive change in just a couple of months. However, since our goal was OPTIMAL ORDER, we pressed for continual improvement until completion. It worked!

Yes, I know, most small business owners would NOT want to spend seven years to bring optimal order to their business. Truth is, at times I wanted to give up. But you see, I made a promise to myself and God never to turn back and I was determined to stay the course.

Arriving at Optimal Order Helped Others

Although it took us many hard-fought years to get there, we gained vast experience and knowledge that allows us to help other businesses to thrive.

In fact, we developed solutions/software to make that journey to optimal order simple and much shorter!

With that in mind, consider the top 3 frustrations encountered in your business that contribute to disorder—and not a few sleepless nights.

Once identifying a client’s top frustrations, we guide and train small business owners and managers on how to eliminate them permanently. Moreover, they will have the ability to continue eliminating frustrations in every phase or their business.

Surprisingly, the top frustrations in most all industries are very similar.

Having gained extensive experience in systemization, we developed simple-to-use systems to attack NOT ONLY an owner’s top three frustrations, but most ALL frustrations encountered in a small to midsize business.

A Few Frustrations We Hear from Small Business Owners

  • “We can’t get our employees to keep using a system after we implement one.”
  • “Most of our errors are just dumb mistakes caused by not paying attention.”
  • “When processing a job or service, we seem to lack all the specifications and details needed to complete it correctly. Consequently, we go back and forth between departments and employees searching for those missing details.”
  • “We have little to NO quality assurance that works.”

I say again, the FIX for these frustrations is SIMPLE!

However, a business owner must make the decision to seek experienced help; opt for the best all-encompassing systems; then never turn back, never give up, until achieving optimal order!

Did I mention? Great systems work!