Works of BamboozlementWhat ARE the works of bamboozlement?  To “bamboozle” is to deceive, dupe, hoodwink or fool another by underhanded methods.

It also means to confuse, frustrate, or purposely throw someone off-track.

If you are experiencing that in your business, I suggest you expose and make an abrupt change in certain personnel. There is a way!

What are the WORKS of Bamboozlement?

For the health of your business, these WORKS need to be identified. Equipped with that information, an owners/manager can expose any bamboozler working among them.

To be clear, I’m NOT talking about a “WITCH HUNT,” based on an innuendo or hearsay. This is about using the unbiased light of truth to uncover and remove a bamboozler and their works.

Before getting into specifics of how to expose the works of bamboozlement, the following are a few characteristics of the bamboozler, acquired over many years’ experience as a business owner and leader:

  • Mischievous
  • Embellisher
  • Cheater
  • Instigator
  • False accuser
  • Opposes personal accountability
  • Spreads dissension
  • Encourages opposition among workers
  • Negative commenter
  • Intimidator
  • Thief
  • Habitual time-waster
  • Habitually over-extending smoke and bathroom breaks
  • Habitually having personal conversations with others on company time.

If some of these traits sound ominous, you’re right!  In fact, they are deadly to any company seeking a productive culture of peace and well-being for employees.

To be sure, a bamboozler does not manifest ALL these traits. However, it only takes a few of these traits to wreck a peaceful culture. You know, “one bad apple!”

Truth is, some OWNERS and upper managers may also exhibit one or more of these traits. If the shoe fits, change shoes!

How to Uncover the Works of a Bamboozler

Start by implementing a non-bias system for making impartial decisions in order to abolish office politics. This systematic approach is for tracking and documenting ALL non-conforming works.

Having done that, upper management, along with the business’ owner, can see-at-a-glance the COST of non-conforming works of each employee for any given period. The great thing about this system is the ability to categorize all types of non-conformance and bamboozlement. Consequently, the sore traits of the bamboozler will surface.

Interestingly, this system also documents the ROOT CAUSE of every non-conformance. Whereby, truthfully exposing the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHY.  

Again, this is NOT A witch-hunt!  as troublers are identified, the GOOD WORKS of good employees will also rise to the surface. Not surprisingly, hard-working employees welcome and embrace a system that exposes the SLACKERS in their midst.

Caution, BEFORE utilizing this type of tracking and reporting system, EVERY employee should have access to certain tools for performing their job error-free.

Systems for Assuring Fairness

AGAIN, before reprimanding employees for mistakes or poor performance, they MUST have access to the correct tools, along with training.

For example, Quality Control Checklists with detailed prompts will avoid errors caused by employees overlooking or forgetting steps in workflow processes.

In addition, Employee Daily Routine Checklists assure that every employee knows and understands the company’s expectation of them; from the time the employee arrives until departing.

There are other systems/tools found in our blogs and videos for helping to uncover bamboozlement.

A Non-conforming Bamboozler Exposed

Some years ago, we hired a CSR (customer service rep) with purportedly a lot of experience, and we gave them the tools mentioned above. However, unlike our other CSR’s, they made mistake after mistake and tried to cover them up by blaming others.

In short order, they ran head-on into our rigorous control systems, designed to eliminate all errors, for the benefit of our clients; not to mention, our bottom-line.

After several attempts to make excuses and blame others for their errors, the person bitterly complained that it was “insulting to have to use detailed checklists,” given their “vast experience in customer service.” We could only assume their immature reasoning was, that we should just live with their costly mistakes.

Glad they were not airline pilots!

Fact is, using our Employee Orientation System, every new employee received a detailed orientation of how our control systems worked, and how they prevented errors.

In addition, several written policies required the SIGNATURE of new employees, concerning the mandatory use of Quality Control Checklists, Employee Daily Routine Checklists, Request for Leave, etc.

At that point, they had the choice to decline the position, or agree to our policies.

Thankfully, we exposed and fired that particular bamboozler before they could do permanent damage.

Moreover, our control system, documenting employee non-conformance, held up when this bamboozler applied for unemployment. Unwisely, they made false statements to the State Employment Agency, saying they never received training; even while staring at their own signature on a written document.

Their signature witnessed to the fact that they had indeed received step-by-step training.

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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