Quality SlackersMany companies claim to have a reputation for superior quality products and service. Of course, excellent quality and service is part of their marketing mantra. Yet, some I would call Quality Slackers have almost NO quality control or service control system implemented.

Consequently, they rely on a system of, “hope-we-remember” and “we’re-pros.” Therefore, they think, NO quality control needed. The result of this ill-considered method is “business as usual.” In other words, the customer may win some, but will definitely lose some!

4 Myths – Quality Slackers Talking Points

Over the past two decades, we’ve heard the absurd excuses made by these Quality Slackers, and we’ve seen the waste they cause. Moreover, these four talking points are repeated throughout the world of small business, ad nauseum. Sadly, many business owners believe this nonsense.

Myth 1 | Quality Control Takes Too Much Time

Tell that to the airline pilot of your next flight. Tell them NOT to worry about their checklist; they’ve flown thousands of safe flights, and besides, you’re in a hurry. In fact, tell the hospital not to concern themselves with a silly checklist when scheduling your next surgery. After all, they’ve conducted these procedures for years; and you just need to get in, and get out.

Comparatively, we’ve measured the time it takes to perform a quality control checklist against the results of NOT having controls. Therefore, money and time saved by having a control system, and time spent performing checklists, is well worth the effort.

Myth 2 | I’m Human, Therefore I Make Mistakes

That’s correct, humans make a lot of mistakes. If you are a business owner, these human errors are daily occurrences, not to mention, costly.  Moreover, they cause multiple frustrations, lost customers, employee turnover, and lost time.

We reduced “human errors” in our former print manufacturing company from 10% down to less than 2%; saving thousands. We maintained those savings for more than two decades.

Myth 3 | Practice Make Perfect, It Makes Me Better

Now this is absurd, unless you are talking about baseball. However, when producing products and/or services, that’s NOT the time to practice. Moreover, playing Russian-Roulette with the results of delivering quality products and service to a customer is poor leadership. Consequently, practicing may be disastrous for your customers who may be depending on your quality, on-time product or service to meet their promises. Therefore, give them what you promised and what they deserve. Quality!

Myth 4 | My Employees Won’t Perform Checklists

Who’s the boss? Who pays who, and who signs the back of their payroll check. If you can’t get your employees to perform a checklist, that’s a sure sign of a “Wimpy Boss”. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve heard this lame excuse from so-called business leaders numerous times. Sad!

I say, step up to the plate and put on your big boy pants!  In addition, you might read our BOOK.

Quality Slackers = Lack Luster Growth and Chaos

When errors and miscommunications are the continual norm in a business, anemic growth is the result. Whereby, customers are coming in the front door and leaving out the back door, due to mediocre quality and service. Sadly, the dream of owning a thriving, growing business becomes more and more elusive. And, the owner’s onsite presence is a requirement IF the business is to operate with any efficiency. This is due to a lack of systematic controls found in the operations manuals of great companies.

Don’t depend on the old “system of apology”… that system is for quality slackers!

There are proven methods that guarantee quality and service. Most importantly, these proven methods are for delivering quality service and product, on-time, every time!

Did I mention? Great systems work?

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