Author of ConfusionConfronting the “author of confusion,” head-on, can be intimidating, even scary!

Not surprisingly, this mysterious unwelcome visitor seems to target small businesses, waiting for the opportunity to create turmoil.

Some say the author of confusion is simply the ebb and flow of small business operations.

On the other hand, some say the “author” is a spiritual entity.

Either way, confusion in business takes an unabated natural course, when owners lack methods and means for confronting the root cause of employee errors and miscommunications.

In other words, without pro-active solutions for stopping the madness, business owners open wide their doors for that “author” to wreak havoc.

From experience, our conclusion is, the author of confusion is both natural and spiritual.

Nevertheless, confronting the root cause of confusion with tangible weapons is how to diminish and stop this menacing author. To be clear, facing and permanently eliminating this enemy of order, using a system-by-system approach, is the ONLY option.

Well, let me back up…

It is the only option, UNLESS the owner chooses to directly oversee every job and service. Some refer to this as working IN the business, rather than ON the business.

From our experience, hands-on-everything by the owner is a miserable way to run a business. 

Weapons of Warfare for Business Disorder

Sadly, when neglecting to confront the root cause of disorder, business owners become a CO-author of confusion.

Yep, make no mistake, we OWN it!  We are to blame!

Consequently, by NOT making the decision to SYSTEMATICALLY identify, document, and arrest EVERY non-conformance in business, the owner, their employees, customers and their families ALL suffer.

The weapon for this warfare begins with a written Operations Manual. One loaded with SOP-Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Quality Control Checklist, and a host of other online systems/documents.

The result? It cuts life short for the “author of confusion”!

Did I mention? Great systems work!