100 Percent Cleanliness System Policy

100% Cleanliness System PolicyThe 100 Percent Cleanliness System Policy simply stated is; everything has a place (designated location) and everything should be in its place when not in use. Even items as small as a paper clip.

Designated Location of Every Item Used in Business Facility

  1. The Place must be in a convenient and accessible location. It’s important to involve employees when determining the best location.
  2.  Place must be permanent, not i.e. temporary cardboard box on top of a shelf.
    • Cabinets-welded steel or wood with labeled plastic bins or containers on inside.
    • Bins should be plastic or steel, never use cardboard.
    • Shelves should be well-constructed wood or steel. Use closed cabinets when possible.
     Work tables should be stainless steel, steel or well-constructed wood.
  3. Must label the Place with easy-to-read computer label.
  4. Keep similar Items together whenever possible.
  5. Do not put things in corners, on top of cabinets, under desk, furniture, work stations, equipment etc., unless located in a labeled container.
  6. Must return each item to its designated PLACE after use or at end of day or shift.
  7. When a introducing a new Item into a work area or department, it must be added and located using, The 100% system of Cleanliness.
  8. Keep Place very clean, i.e. dusted, cleaned with water or special cleaners, etc.


  1. Management must approve of any Personal Items placed on walls and company assets. i.e. Calendars, photos, art, etc.
  2. Company Documents for company-wide viewing are to be place on designated Bulletin boards, with permission of management. i.e. government forms

Desk or Work Station

Everything in your desk should have a Place and everything in its Place

    1. Desk drawers should contain plastic bins for various items (keep similar items together)
    2. Label all Files and arranged in alphabetical order
    3. In the front of each File Drawer, place a list of File Names to occupy the drawer.
    4. Tape nothing on desk-tops or put under desk glass
    5. Personal items
      1. Confined to one drawer
      2. NO FOOD in desk or cabinets unless in closed plastic container
      3. Pictures, nick-knacks or other items (Limit to three small items)

Floors – Office

  1. Use Commercial carpet or ceramic tile when possible
  2. In Customer Service or heavy traffic offices, use ceramic tile or vinyl tile

Floors – Manufacturing Area

  1. Vinyl tile (light color)
  2. Epoxy (light color, double coated with a clear epoxy coat on top)


  1. Each major piece of equipment should have its own supply cabinet when possible.
  2. Operation Manuals for equipment to be located inside labeled Magazine Holders and in equipment’s supply cabinet.