Business EvolutionBusiness Evolution is the process of growth, expansion and advancement of business entities, due to direct intervention of management.  This contrasts with the scientific theory of evolution that contends, life advances due to the survival of the fittest over eons of time.

Order from chaos may happen in the theoretical world; however, “order from chaos” does not manifest in the world of business process management.  In other words, it takes deliberate, sustained, step-by-step, prompt-by-prompt efforts to not only maintain order, but to achieve order.

Unfortunately, for some inactive or passive owners, business evolution does not advance by simply waiting for it.  Fact is, by just waiting, and NOT acting, something will definitely happen.  However, you may not like the results!

Survival of the Fittest Business

Survival in business occurs when a shrewd business owner directly intercedes in the business’s management processes.  In other words, only when management uses creativity and puts their hands directly on the business’ systems (its life-line), will survival of the onslaught of happenstance be ensured!  Moreover, when “sure-as-the-sun-comes-up” non-conformance occur in a business, a wise and creative business owner will get directly involved, putting an end to bad mutations. This ensures the elimination of chaos that stunts business health.

Theoretically, in natural selection (survival of the fittest) thinking, when random mutations occur, and left to chance, the mutation/change somehow benefits the organism. However, in the business world, random mutations or non-conformance ALWAYS spell trouble for the business owner.

Personally, I’ve never witnessed a “good” screw-up, but I’m not saying it can’t happen.  However, I wouldn’t bet my farm on the rare probability of a “good” screw-up benefiting the organization.

Confronting Business Evolution Variables

Folks, variation occurs continually in all businesses.  In fact, that’s WHY the fittest businesses rely on well-implemented and maintained systems to confront these variables. Well-planned systems help ensure a business’s survivability and overall fitness.

Assuredly, not all variables are bad for business evolution.  For example, growth in business sales can be a change for good and can be a matter of “chance” that a business acquires a “big sale/contract.” However, not implementing systems to handle the new variables that occur from sales growth often leads to a business’s demise.

A New Species in Business Evolution

Some life evolution proponents claim that, over time, micro-evolution can eventually lead to the emergence of new species.

Comparatively, applying micro-evolution to business, I agree that non-systematic management of non-conformance in business will definitely lead to a new SOMETHING.  Albeit, a monstrosity you never envisioned—a mutation that’s out of control. So, don’t be sorry you waited!

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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