Buck Private ManagementBuck Private” is military slang for a person of the lowest rank, always “bucking” for promotion to rise in authority without real accountability. Similarly, Buck Private Management in business is an owner subordinating leadership to a lesser-experienced and less-qualified employee due to their constant “bucking the system” and continual complaining.

These types of employees are part of most businesses and often influence management’s decisions by persistently making their annoying presence and opinions known.

Unfortunately, they tend to offer management NO creditable solutions. In fact, they are such a nuisance, owners often avoid confronting them, therefore letting them have their way.

Sad to say, that type of owner is a wimpy boss!

Buck Private Management has gone viral these days, due to a culture of quick-fixes and fear of holding employees accountable.

Buck Private Management Accountability Problem

With Buck Private Management, the unqualified employee seldom considers the core mission of the business. More importantly, the owner’s vision for the company is not considered.

In other words, the Buck Private’s motivation is self-serving and NOT customer-centered. More importantly, the “buck private” does NOT want accountability that occurs in a systematically organized business.

How do I know?

I’ve encountered many “buck privates” in my own business, as well as in other businesses, during demonstrations of our business process management software.  Many times, the owner wants to include some of their employees in the demo. Consequently, included are employees who’ve been with the company for a short period of time, with little experience or training.

You tell me…

Do you think a buck private-type employee would give an owner the thumbs-up on management solutions that would HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE to their job?  Moreover, would they welcome a process management software that would measure their job conformance?

Folks, as a business owner myself I understand the pressures of making payroll, keeping up with taxes, sales, operations, and human resources, etc.  But, let’s face it, a business owner must never fall victim to the bullying of these “Buck Privates.”

Business organization starts and ends at the top, that’s the owner!  That’s YOU!?

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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