wimpy bossesI’ve been fortunate to work with many businesses, owners and managers, but frankly, I’ve never come across so many WIMPY BOSSES, as I do today!

Sad, that in our increasingly “PC” (politically correct) society, people are often offended by the most amazingly trivial things!

Many business owners hire what they think are qualified employees, only to meet with opposition over the smallest requests. Having agreed to a salary and the job requirements, certain employees tend to complain or balk, at every turn.

An owner’s attempt to work toward continual improvement, and remedy frustrations that hurt productivity, is often met with “offended” sensibilities .

What Offends ME?

Thinking it’s time I express MYSELF about what offends ME these days!  No, I’m not going to list my own arguable grievances with today’s society, as it would take too long. But, there’s a particular issue that has come up way too often in my travels as a systems analyst and developer. Not to mention, a designer of job shop management software for field service companies as well as small manufactures.

As I said up front, in all my years in business, I’ve never come across so many WIMPY BOSSES, as I do now!

Over the past decade, owners found themselves buried in ever-increasing taxes, regulations, diminished (even demonized) profits. They struggled just to keep their doors open, due to the bad economy. I’m happy to say, some of these owners called on my company for help in systemizing their businesses! At some point they had courageously risked ALL, in order to start or invest in an existing business. Today they are challenged to become as lean and orderly as possible, to maintain and grow their business. They hope to keep their workers gainfully employed, having an actual job, at a time when jobs are harder to come by.

Wimpy Bosses and Political Correctness

HERE IT COMES!  There are those owners who have more and more succumbed to certain “political correctness.”  This “PC” issue has caused owners to wimp out in the face of opposition and demands from some they have hired in good faith. An owner’s rightful expectations often meet with constant grievances, because they have apparently lost the courage to address them!

According to some business owners today, many employees express OFFENSE, even at being called “workers.” God forbid, these same types of PC-driven employees should have to think of their employer as “the boss!”

What is it in some people today, that makes them feel ENTITLED to equal status, even as a new hire?  They seem to lack the ability to show respect for those who have seniority or ownership in a business that provides their livelihood.

When Bosses Were Respected

When I was a young (yes) worker—an apprentice in a printing shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—I was excited just to find myself employed. I was happy to make money of my own, and able to buy things I wanted with what I earned.  The “boss” WAS my boss, with years of experience and willingness to trust me to work for him. I had enough respect for his ownership, it never occurred to me to resent him (or be offended) because of his position of leadership over me. I was willing to learn, that I might be the “boss” one day!

It’s OFFENSIVE to me now to see certain employees, in many companies, causing problems for their employers and co-workers, due to their “offended” sensibilities.

However, it’s even MORE offensive to me to listen to the complaints of an employer who has given in to such foolishness!

I wish I had a dollar for every owner who has asked me the following question.  “How do I get my employees to use quality control checklists and follow procedures?  They just won’t do it!”

Well, let me think. Uh… plead with them?  Get down on your knees and beg them to do the job they were hired and paid for?  Tell them how great they’re doing, because you are just lucky to have them around?  Or you COULD offer them a raise, maybe even equal pay with you and everyone else in your company. What does it matter what they do, how long it takes them to do it, how many mistakes they make, or how many days they’re absent?  After all, that would only be FAIR, if we want to be politically correct, that is!  Everyone gets the same trophy, RIGHT?

No, No, and NO!

I suggest… no, I guess I need to IMPLORE you, as the owner:  EAT SOME SPINACH!  Become “Popeye” and throw the PC bullies (those “Bluto”s) out the door.  That would be a GREAT system!

Did I mention? Great systems work!