10 Best Excuses for Business Disorder Grab one of our 10 Best Excuses for Business Disorder that we’ve collected from SMALL business owners. They are extremely helpful when customers and employees start complaining about errors and general pandemonium.

To be sure, it’s much easier to use one of these 10 excuses, than to change the way your business operates.

Change takes effort, commitment and leadership; not to mention, time.

For this reason, very few businesses ever make the decision to eliminate errors and miscommunications, permanently. Sadly, customers, employees and even family members must tolerate the consequences.

Two Reasons Businesses Remain Disorderly

Lack of Stewardship

♦ Lack of Knowledge

To be sure, both are easy to overcome.

Our business mission is to help other businesses implement one system at a time to eliminate disorder. Be that as it may, we know it takes energy, and for some it can be tedious. So, even for those who don’t want to change, we still want to help.

Therefore, we recommend printing out, for emergency use, our 10 best excuses for business disorder. It’s especially helpful when warding off meddlers. Also, disregard replies to the disorders below, and just stick to the excuses.

Our Best Excuses for Business Disorder

Excuse #1: Chaos is “normal” in business, that’s just the way it is.

Reply: No, it’s not normal; in fact, it’s the biggest lie in the history of small business.

Excuse #2: We need “good” people, we don’t need good systems.

Reply: Even “good” people make costly, stupid mistakes; ask the airline industry.

Excuse #3: We are too busy and don’t have time to implement systems.

Reply: But not too busy to redo mistakes?

Excuse #4: We’re a small family business; we don’t think systems will work here.

Reply: There are small businesses around the world that run like a well-oiled machine.

Excuse #5: I don’t know where to start with systemizing.

Reply: Start by making the decision to do it. In addition, read a couple of how-to-do-it books, i.e. The E-myth and System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business.

Excuse #6: If I make my employees fill out Quality Assurance Checklists, they’ll quit.

Reply: Then let them quit! Will they quit when asked to perform the job for which they were hired? If you can’t get employees to adhere to your standards for quality, then you are a Wimpy Boss. Besides, Quality Assurance should be part of the job for which their getting paid! 

Excuse #7: I’m not a good manager and never learned how to put in systems.

Reply: That’s why we recommend systems. In short, let the SYSTEM manage the people, and you manage the SYSTEM. Again, read the books mentioned above.

Excuse #8: Systems are for big business

Reply: Okay. Continue with small thinking and remain a small business. In fact, let others who understand the power of systems take over the market. Besides, you’ve been small this long, so why worry about order now?

Excuse #9: I’m too burned-out to implement systems for disorder removable.

Reply: Sorry to hear it. This is the number one reason why a business owner should start Day-1 building their business to sell, before burn-out happens. However, for this reason System100 was born, so owners don’t have to start from scratch implementing systems. In fact, they could have their company systemized in a matter of months.

Excuse #10: We’ve been running our business like this for years.

Reply: I’m sure everyone familiar with your company is aware of it.

♦ Did I mention? Great systems work for those who GET IT and FIGHT FOR IT!

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