We’ve been helping small to midsize companies with organization as to eliminate business chaos for over fifteen years. During that period, we’ve heard every imaginable idea for keeping order in a business.

Methods used by some owners for removing business chaos. Hmm!

One idea from a business owner was the use of a large window in the owner’s office, located directly in front of his desk. From that vantage point he could watch what his people were doing in production.  Another idea that came from a business owner, was to simply walk around all day, overseeing employees on every job. Who can argue with this kind of logic?

I’ve been told by many managers and owners they have tried other methods, but the only one that worked for them was the hand-on approach. Some folks just can’t be convinced!

“Business as Usual” or “Normal”

I’ve even been told by business owners that writing down step by step processes takes too much time and they were not willing to pay the price for that kind of order. Thus, they are willing to put up with business chaos and consider it “normal” or business-as-usual. Taking on the role of fireman to extinguish fires in their business was reasonable.

The proof is in the results and the results is the reflection of the methods used

We could argue for days what does and what doesn’t work for removing business chaos. However, to really prove what works you must measure your method. Consequently, you must have a METHOD for conducting a process and a SYSTEM for measuring waste for a given period. In conclusion, you will be able to see if your results are moving you forward, backward or remaining the same.

Method for executing a process consistently in order to measure results

The method for removing business chaos must be written down in a step by step process to insure the method is being implemented consistently to achieve good measurements.

Our business method was to install a quality control checklist for every main process in production. So, we had checklists for on-boarding customers to shipping and/or delivering our product.

A production or service cycle can be considered a stream of processes. So, we went up and down the process stream to insure we had a written system called checklist to insure consistently.

Measuring System for a given period to provide the proof of method works

Our system for measuring is a system we designed called the System Buster Locator. This is a systems for locating and tracking, root causes, hours wasted, and money wasted, etc. In addition, it’s used to track the who, what, when, where, etc.

 business chaos

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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