Our business is helping small business owners bring order to their business, one system at a time. To be sure, it’s not for the faint of heart, but the award is priceless.

During the last fifteen plus years, we’ve encountered various methods owners use for keeping order in their businesses.

For example, one owner used a large window, located directly in front of his desk. From that vantage point, he could watch his production employees’ every move.

The most common method used in small business is for the owner to simply walk around all day, overseeing employees—on every job.

Who can argue with that approach if an owner prefers it, or really enjoys it?

Unfortunately, owners trying to escape mundane daily operations, claim to have tried other methods, but soon returned to the old “hands-on” approach.

“Business as Usual” Should Not Be “Normal”

Because a method is commonly used, or considered, “normal” doesn’t mean it’s the best. Most people who start a business have little to NO experience in operating a business. Much less, one that is “turnkey” or what we consider systemized. For this reason, they run a business like a home project. In short, that’s “business as usual” in many businesses.

Often when sharing with small business owners the advantage of using WRITTEN procedures to build an operation manual, they often tell us, “Writing down step-by-step processes takes too much time.”

In other words, they seem willing to put up with the pain of disorganization, to avoid the tedious task of FIXING their business systematically. Consequently, they take a fireman’s approach to extinguishing business chaos, as they occur. Again, they believe a reactionary response to operations is “normal.”

The Proof Is in the Results When Considering Operational Methods

We could argue for days, what does and what doesn’t work for removing business chaos. And what is the BEST method for running a small business.

However, to prove what method works best, you must have a TOOL for measuring all non-conforming events. In brief, non-conforming events are those fires of chaos that happen daily in all businesses. Don’t doubt me on that… but don’t call it “normal!”

With a tool for measuring chaos, the results/reports verify the best method of operations. Moreover, it will prove which method moves operations forward, backward, or stays the same.

The System for Measuring Business Chaos

We called our system for measuring business chaos, “the System Buster Locator.”

A tool for locating and documenting ALL business chaos. More importantly, it’s a tool for FIXING business chaos, permanently. Its function is to find root causes, hours and/or money wasted for EVERY non-conforming event. In other words, it documents the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE of non-conforming events.

And, if you are losing time and money, you need to ask WHY!  Whereby, directing management to update on implement a control system to fix all non-conformance.

In addition, pulling reports for any given period will determine the actual cost of chaos in a business. Again, providing proof of whether an operational method works

Using our System Buster Locator, and its reports revealing ROOT CAUSES, we methodically installed control checklists for KEY processes in production. In fact, from those reports we stopped 98% of ALL those fires of business chaos.

 business chaos

Did I mention? Great systems work!