Credibilty ScoreAs a business owner, your credibility score with clients, vendors, and employees is determined by their direct observation.

In other words, when you tell someone you will call them back, send them a late payment, or that you want to do lunch, etc…. DO YOU MEAN IT?… Or is it a stall tactic? Or worse, just wasted words?

In addition, when announcing to employees new projects for improving the company, do you follow through until completion? Or do they usually slip through the cracks?

In short, is there a pattern of procrastination at work, or is this a sign your business is in chaos?

Understandably, business owners must process vast amounts of information, just to the keep the wheels of their operations turning. However, that is NO EXCUSE for having a low credibility score. Especially, when proven methods for keeping up with limitless information are readily available!

The dilemma is that most small business owners unconsciously keep adding to their work plate. Whereby, adding new clients, vendors, and employees, hoping somehow it will all work out, may prove to be a problem. Unfortunately, without implementing BPM – Business Management Processes, piling on new obligations and commitments just adds to the rest of the owner’s unfulfilled promises. It’s one of the main reasons, many small businesses eventually FAIL!

It is also the No. 1 reason for OWNER BURNOUT!

From our many years of working with and observing small business, we know “chaos to order” never occurs without intentional systematic intervention. Amazingly, many owners keep struggling to grow their business without operational systemization or seriously answering their own question, “How did I get myself into this rut?”

Whose Following Your Credibility Score?

To be certain, business owners fail to comprehend the fact that sound leadership demands, sound integrity. In fact, whether owners like it or not, employees, clients and vendors are watching them. More importantly, they are quick to tell others about their experience with owners; good and bad.

MOST business owners really care about their credibility score. Unfortunately, some couldn’t care less, especially if profits are up.  Those just keep managing and tolerating the chaos. Regrettably, they fail to understand, that their credibility score is directly linked to the company’s operational process workflow. Consequently, the lack of good SYSTEMS assures their credibility score will continue to decline as the business grows.

In other words, Process Management Systems directly affect product and service reliability; therefore, affecting the owner’s integrity.

To be sure, reliability IS your integrity. Moreover, on-time delivery of products and services, returning messages, completing in-house improvement projects, etc. is the owner’s direct responsibility. It all becomes much easier, once good systems are implemented!

Did I mention? Great systems work to ASSURE a high credibility score!