The time between dreams and realityThe time between dreams and reality equals decisive action. Procrastination is not just inaction, it is self-inflicted defeat. Moreover, lack of action suspends success!

Time is a finite commodity with an unknown measure, of which we are all stewards. Therefore, our DECISION to act on dreams should be cost-counting, urgent, and conclusive.

“Time moves on, never stops to rest, and Time takes all men’s best.” That was a line in one of the first songs I ever wrote—it still gives me cold chills. Truth is, when time runs out for us, and our best years have expired, decisions and actions will become evident.

Reality is the end of faith and the beginning of knowing. To be sure, once a dream becomes a reality, hope and faith are no longer required. However, to sustain and grow a Reality, stewardship, along with continual effort to enhance, is key.

I hope this will encourage some of you who procrastinate, to recognize the reality of your stewardship, in order to fulfill your dreams before Time steals them.  Read on…

Persuading a Horse to Drink NOW, is Frustrating

Leading a horse to water is one thing—seeing the horse NOT drinking, is exasperating!  Especially, realizing another guaranteed opportunity may not exist; therefore, the horse needs to drink NOW.

In like manner, seeing an existing business afforded a real-growth opportunity, with no ability to receive it due to lack of readiness, is sad. Especially when a business believes, there will always be other opportunities down the road. The definition of ASSuming comes to mind. This type thinking shows lack of vision, wisdom, and courage.

Our business is helping other business owners fix their process frustrations, one system at a time. Again, it can be exasperating—like pleading with and pulling the ropes of that stubborn horse.

Some Dreams Not Worthwhile Pursuits

My earlier years, spent in pursuit of self-centered dreams, came at a high price that not only negatively affected me, but others in my sphere of influence.

For this reason, I NOW promote the following for achieving your dreams, and for building a successful business:

  1. Counting the cost of any dream is paramount
  2. Making a decision is imperative
  3. Action—the conclusive steadfastness of staying the course—will get you there!

To sum up, Time equals the measurable step-by-step processes of building a reality from a hopeful, worthwhile dream.

Did I mention? Great systems work!