Tarry TownTarry Town is a perilous place to be for any small or large business! Many business owners who set up shop there are doomed to remain in turmoil.

Oh, they see the signs staring them in the face daily, warning them NOT to tarry in that place. But, somehow, they can’t bear the thought of leaving the familiar behind. Sadly, they’re stuck with the unhappy consequences.

“Tarry Town”—I think better called, Dilly-Dally Municipality, Drag Your Feet Village, or Kick-the-Can-Down-the-Road Borough—a procrastinator’s sanctuary!

For some strange reason, many owners believe their business frustrations will simply vanish by postponing right action.

Truth is, business disorder never goes away on its own. In fact, business frustrations multiply like a virus in a daycare filled with runny nose tots, especially as a business grows.

Consequently, business owners wavering on the decision to STOP the madness caused by recurring errors and employee miscommunication, remain trapped in Tarry Town. Truth is, they’ve TARRIED so long in that forsaken town, they’ve become accustomed to the landscape of clutter and mishaps, where employee morale and real business growth suffers.

Unfortunately, the living and working conditions in Tarry Town often lead to early owner burnout. Still, many turn a deaf ear to any solution, such as (BPM) Business Process Management, that would rescue them from their slummy environment. Mistakenly, they’ve concluded that it’s too late to change!

“And besides,” they bemoan, “we’ve tried those management solutions before, and they just don’t work for us.”

A poor reason to quit seeking, since what they’re doing is obviously not working either!

The Good News of Revitalization through Education

Reading motivational books is a step in the right direction in revitalizing a business. Why?  Because these types of books MOTIVATE!  More importantly, the better books encourage and educate regarding what is possible.

However, owners must know that, after being inspired by an author who’s had experience with escaping Tarry Town, the all-important decision to leave that town and never return, is KEY.

Then, having made the decision to change, they should never look back, never give up, and keep their face toward the winds of opposition with the determination of an ole hound dog treeing a feisty raccoon. How do I know?

For me, coon hunting with a pack of dogs was a one-time experience I survived as a teenager. Getting in the way of a determined hound or a woke business owner, is not recommended!

The good news, for those owners who finish what they start is—by keeping Tarry Town in the rear-view mirror, “Quality City” aka “Happyville” is just over the horizon.

Years ago, the best decision we made was relocating our business to “Happyville.” Do yourself a favor and TAKE A TOUR OF LEAN there.

Did I mention? Great systems work to keep you happy!