kick disrupters to the curb“Kick disrupters to the curb!” Sounds like a harsh statement, you might think, regarding certain employees. However, for the health of your company, employee disrupters need ousting!

Have you measured the cost of a disrupter in your business? More importantly, do you have a method for measuring the cost of errors and waste, by employees NOT conforming to company policies and procedures?

When dealing with those causing disruption, we discovered by having a method for measuring employee non-conformance, we PROVED what such disrupters cost in time and money. No, we didn’t make a wild guess, speculate or use flawed human observation to determine an employee’s adherence to our systems.

The System Buster Locator is what we call our tool for measuring all non-conformance; and it measures without bias.

Importantly, if a disrupter is shown the door, and then files for unemployment benefits, you can be sure non-conformance reports are of great value. Especially, when communicating with the government. We know! We won!

Two Types of Disrupters Needing Removed

1. Those who believe they are too experienced and talented to follow company procedures, i.e. Quality Assurance Checklists. These know-it-all’s are prone to making stupid mistakes which can cost a company dearly. Unfortunately, these non-conformers send a poor message to other less-experienced but talented employees.

Note: Do you think the airline industry would tolerate the most talented and experienced pilots NOT conforming to Takeoff & Landing procedures/checklists? You can be sure, they don’t!

2. Those employees who say they WILL follow procedures, but continually FAIL to conform to the company’s system. In fact, these types of employees sometime seek out subtle ways to evade company procedures and policies. Frequently, their favorite excuse is, “I forgot!”

Kick Disrupters to the Curb and Prosper

Many business owners are fearful of removing certain disrupters from their company, because they think they’re irreplaceable. In fact, some disrupters become, “sacred cows.” In other words, the owner is hostage to the belief that their business couldn’t make it without this person. This is a sad place to live, as a business owner.

To be sure, when a business organizes by systemizing, it’s NOT easily held hostage to disrupters. In addition, when an employee quits unexpectedly, their knowledge of how the company operates doesn’t leave with them. In other words, the company’s system doesn’t walk out the door when someone leaves!

By kicking disrupters to the curb, other employees know that everyone is accountable for following company systems. For this reason, a symphony of order emerges, along with prosperity.

Oh, did I mention? Great system work, so kick disrupters to the curb!

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