Extreme business OrganizationExtreme Business Organization reminds me of Extreme sports performers— “daredevils” we call them. To be sure, they do the most amazing feats. Audiences are thrilled to watch them defy gravity, death even, from high wires and other high places; being shot out of cannons, swimming among sharks, you name it. They go into all those crazy places we would never go.

Thankfully, there are voices who remind us gasping onlookers, how practiced and skilled those daredevils really are. They’re quick to say, “Don’t try this at home or without a NET!”

Extreme Business Organization Daredevils

I authored a book several years ago, after performing what many considered an “amazing feat”—totally systemizing a small manufacturing company from front to back.  We called it, “The 100% System!”

Talk about being shot out of a cannon!

As soon as we began implementing systems into our business, sales and growth exploded. We went from 5 employees to 25 employees; and from a small 800 square foot facility to over 20,000 square feet. Happily, we purchased that larger building—you can see online at Tour of Lean.

Many local business owners, who had personally witnessed the results of our extreme business organization via systems, encouraged me to write a book.  In short, they wanted us to show everyone how we did it, step-by-step. Especially, how to keep systems working continually.

Before and after writing System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business, we conducted tours for business owners from all over the country.  As a result, they invited us to speak to their employees, which was the beginning of a new career. That new career we soon learned is Business Process Management. Ultimately, we even developed online software so small business owners can join our ‘sport’ of extreme business management.

Defy “Business as Usual” | Become Extreme!

What did I learn in our quest to be the best?  Extreme business organization is so simple! In fact, it’s only common sense; and it’s not dangerous like extreme sports can be.

However, it may be extremely dangerous to your competitors!

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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