Do the MathWhen business owners hem and haw about fixing the disorganization in their business, we simply tell them, “DO THE MATH!”

Think about it. What is the TRUE COST of dumb mistakes, late delivery of products & services, and frustrating workflow miscommunications in your business?

How about the COST of employee tardiness, extended smoke and toilet breaks, unnecessary visiting in work areas, texting, and personal surfing of the internet, etc.?

On and on it goes, and where it stops… well, only the OWNER knows.

Most small business owners haven’t a clue of what these types of WASTE cost in money, much less precious time.

Actually, there is a way to measure and stop all that!

Many moons ago, we did the math in our printing company, and what we found was not only eye-opening, but shocking.

So, we changed! We headed in the right direction and changed the course of our business history.

Math Verified – Change Was Needed

Thankfully, we started systemizing our company, months before our MATH report showed the extent of waste. Otherwise, that report would have been much worse.

Armed with that report, using The System Buster Locator, we not only knew what disorganization cost us in time and money, but we knew WHERE and WHAT we needed to FIX.

And FIX we did!

In fact, utilizing the System Buster Locator, we addressed every area of our business. After completion, we made a video, calling it Tour of Lean.

You bet we were proud!

You see, working as an apprentice in a small print shop in Louisiana, years ago, I got a close-up view of dysfunction. Whereas late deliveries were “normal”, mistakes were frequent, and outbursts of anger a common occurrence.

The owner Mr. Williamson, whom I now greatly appreciate, worked from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday, most Saturdays, and often on Sundays. All in an effort to keep his small business operating.

Sadly, he didn’t know how to systemize his business. Whereby, he could have avoided those long hours.

However, he did the best he could for the business and his family. Not to mention, providing yours truly a job.

Having this background, when starting my own company, the decision NOT to live and work in that type of environment was easy.

The bottom-line is, when measuring the cost of PEACE and well-being that occurs in a systemized business, you will find it immeasurable.

Because it’s priceless!

Did I mention? Great systems work!

Do the math!