data mine your businessMarketing professionals know to regularly data mine their Client/Prospect list. In fact, they insist it’s a business’ most-valuable asset. In other words, a virtual GOLD MINE.

Since that’s the case, why would you search for new clients/customers, before you have thoroughly mined your existing database?

By all means, before you go prospecting any further, dig a little deeper to get the most out of YOUR mine; there could be some valuable assets hidden in your mine!

Steps to Take to Data Mine Your Own Business?

First, enter all client or prospect data into some type of electronic database. For example, Project or Job Management Software, Field Job Management Software, or CRM-Customer Relationship Management Software, etc.

Most importantly, the next step is to ensure the value of your list. In other words, make it a high priority to systematically secure, update, and maintain its DATA. By and large, a clean database ensures a more productive mining campaign and reduces waste.

Don’t let the following happen…

  • You sent an email or made a phone call, only to find there’s been a change
  • Client or prospect data lost, due to computer viruses, failure to backup data, or other disaster
  • An order shipped to a customer, only to discover later that they have moved
  • A promotional piece you sent came back stamped Return to Sender

How to Ensure the Integrity of Company Data Mine

An important process like data entry needs consistent and error free completion. Therefore, should have a control checklist and not a hit-or-miss approach. Because, inputting critical data is a process, that needs consistency and accuracy.

Control Checklists are Keys to Data Mining

Below are a few types of Control Checklists to ensure your data is current.

  • Data Entry Checklist

When a Customer Service Rep, sales person or estimator enters an order into production, or does an estimate, the client/prospect information should be complete. There should be no missing data, i.e. Company Name, Address, Emails, Phone Numbers. It should also include Contacts for orders, invoicing and production issues, emergency numbers, etc. This is also known as On-boarding a client or prospect.

As you develop your Data Entry Checklist, you’ll discover other information that could add value, i.e. birth dates, hobbies, number of employees, size of company, products line, etc.

  • New Customer Set-up Checklist – On-boarding

This checklist should have prompts like the ones mentioned on the Data Entry Checklist for obtaining and entering all account information. Also needed, are prompts for getting client credit information, business hours, delivery locations, key personnel, etc.

With this checklist, you will avoid repeated calling and annoying a new customer to fill in missing information.

  • Daily Routine Checklists (DRC’s) for Key Personnel

The (DRC) Daily Routine Checklist is a great tool to ensure CONTACT DATA input is CONSISTENT. It avoids someone failing to input, or failing to input ALL critical client or prospect information. Sadly, many companies start mining and cleaning up their data base, only when sales are down. Consistency is key!

Control Checklist for Using Clean Customer Data

  • Add a prompt on a Customer Service Rep’s DRC to make follow-up courtesy calls to clients a few days after they receive their order.
  • Add a prompt on a Customer Service Rep’s DRC, to apply a label or add a flag to a Job Ticket that says NEW CUSTOMER. This will notify everyone in production to pay special attention to this order.
  • Add a prompt on someone’s DRC to send an email responder with a special coupon to all your customers and prospects, the first of every month
  • There should be prompts on certain managers’ DRC’s, to complete computer backups, to ensure your “Gold Mine” data is secure.

We extensively data mine our own business by using Daily Routine Checklists, Quality Control Checklists, Service Control Checklists, and CRM software, etc. Using this method of systemology, our marketing, quality, and service throughout the company is not a shoot-from-the-hip, I-hope-it-works approach.

A Gold Data Mine that is automated, can turn into a Golden goose, that just keeps on giving!

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!