Businessman action figureA Businessman Action Figure. What would it symbolize, but a man (or woman) of action? It would represent a business owner, a go-to-guy-for-everything—one relied on to get the job done like a superhero, albeit, just flesh and blood.

Thinking there should be a Businessman Action Figure on every owner’s desk—a reminder of why they started their business in the first place!

When my sons were growing up, purchasing the latest Action Figure was part of birthdays and other special occasions. Did I mention, expensive? These collectible figurines seem to explode with energy and self-confidence; like a self-assured small businessman who just acquires or starts a business—ready to conquer the world!

Yes, this also applies to Business WOMEN Action Figures.

Truth is, store-bought Action Figures are do-nothing pieces of plastic for display only. In fact, the “action” only happens when a someone picks them up and moves them around.

So, what moves a Businessman Action Figure?

Most flesh and blood Businessman Action Figures move into action when an event occurs, such as a NEW SALE or a GLITCH in their business; a responsive action.

The problem is, by using response-driven actions, as a business continues to grow, there’s a point when too many events occur simultaneously. Therefore, responding effectively suffers.

Correspondingly, non-conforming events, i.e. errors and miscommunications, also multiply as a company grows. Again, using response-driven actions to fix them as they happen is a road to a wild, wild west culture. In other words, taking a do-nothing, sit-on-the-shelf approach to eliminating errors and miscommunication permanently, evokes CHAOS.

As a result, the “go-to-guy-for-everything,” Businessman Action Figure hero status fades, revealing an IN-ACTION figure; one for display only!

Real Action Figures Need Powerful Backup

Looking like a Businessman Action Figure and being a person of right action is evident when promises like, “We guarantee quality products and service,” are not just a slogan. Like when a businessperson promises to have a job delivered by a certain date and it happens, on-time every time. Or when they promise to call back with important information, and they DO.

When promises become truth, you know this type “Action Figure” utilizes more than a super memory. In fact, backing them up is a powerful, comprehensive business SYSTEM, prompting them to correct action. A system that never forgets, works 24 hours a day, doesn’t need vacations, and never complains.

In short, SUPER BACKUP guaranteeing TOTAL QUALITY in all phases of their company.

Two Types of Actions that Stop Chaos

The two types of actions that Action Figures from great companies use, to stop chaos and all non-conforming events, is a system known as CAPA—Corrective Action/Preventive Action.

Corrective Action

Corrective Action is when a non-conforming event, i.e. an error or miscommunication occurs, the CA system goes into action to determine the ROOT CAUSE. In other words, WHAT happened, WHO is responsible, and WHAT system failed to prompt right action, etc.

More importantly, once the root cause is determined, a current system i.e. quality assurance checklist is updated OR a new system is activated to ensure the non-conformance doesn’t reoccur.

Without a Corrective Action system in place, non-conforming events continue to increase.

Preventive Action

A Preventive Action is like a Corrective Action, as far as updating a company’s systems, to stop a non-conforming event. However, a Preventive Action system helps ensure a non-conforming event NEVER occurs. In other words, stopping a non-conformance before it causes havoc.

Truth is, a “businessman action figure” is a wise business owner who establishes defensive action systems to bring order and a peaceful culture to their business realm.

Did I mention? Great systems work and make super-heroes!