business blindnessWhen you don’t know what you KNOW, that’s a sure sign of purposeful Business Blindness! Comparatively, when you don’t DO what you KNOW to do for your business, consider yourself either BLIND, BURNED-OUT or maybe… uh, STUPID? Sorry to be so blunt.

Some small business owners bring to mind the 1960’s cartoon character, Mr. Magoo; generally oblivious to the mayhem he caused. In like manner, many owners turn a blind eye to business frustrations caused by errors, clutter, and miscommunications. However, you can bet these frustrations are obvious to the owner’s employees, family, customers and vendors.  Everyone around such an owner endures general mayhem, which the owner now considers “normal,” due to apathy.

Excuses for Owners Battling Business Blindness

The following are explanations we often hear from business owners, for not KNOWING what they KNOW, and not fixing what’s broken. The following statements seem to come in handy for such business owners, offering justification for the Mr. Magoo syndrome:

  • “I’m too busy to fix the mess!”
  • “We have too much work—we’ll give it a look when business slows down.”
  • “I’m not a good manager, and I can’t get others to help with organization.”
  • “My employees are too d#% lazy and don’t seem to care about mistakes.”
  • “I can’t get my people to follow a system, even if I put one in.”

So, who’s the leader?

The Fix for Battling Business Blindness

The reason for self-inflicted business blindness is simple. First, the decision must be made, to take off the blindfold and consider the folks forced to operate daily in that state of confusion.

Next, install one system at a time, for each business frustration that causes errors, bottlenecks, miscommunications and poor housekeeping. Most importantly, never, never give up! There’s a remedy for business blindness.

When you get tired of running into walls, we can help you with that!

Did I mention? Great systems work!