truth in business This was prompted by experience that showed me, TRUTH in business can be fleeting, to say the least! After reading this one, you might also want to read an earlier blog titled, “Business Owners Are Big Fat Liars!

So, take the entertainment industry, PLEASE!!  But, seriously, folks, let’s look at some TRUTHS and also some of the FICTION or MYTHS about businesses.

I want to assure you, the point of this blog is not to offhandedly criticize the entertainment industry. After all, I used to be very much a part of that!

However, this is to make what I think you’ll agree is a valid point.

Entertainment Business, Truth and Fiction

My wife Susan and I love going to movies and reading books about real life people and events.  Many times when seeing a film, I like to play a game with Susan. After only a few scenes, I predict how the whole story will play out.  The outcome seems obvious to me, and my wife seems impressed (annoyed?) that my rate of accuracy is pretty high, even if it is sort of a spoiler.

Truth is, filmmakers seem to have a limited supply of unique stories in their repertoire, so the same events—formulas—are re-fried, over and over.  It’s not rocket science to guess which way a film is headed these days, but I’m ecstatic when it’s a surprise!

Even worse, are stage plays that theater groups tend to rehash ad nauseum (i.e. Les Miserables, Man of LaMancha, My Fair Lady, A Christmas Carol, Sound of Music). Really, folks, I would prefer to see something NEW!  How many times do I need to hear, “The Hills are alive…”?  Don’t get me wrong, I like some of these stories; but I can get really bored at these plays and movie remakes, knowing EXACTLY what will happen next. It’s okay, if you like that! The UP-side? My wife can watch the same movie or play multiple times, while I’m able to take a power nap.

What does this have to do with truth in business? 

Maybe nothing, maybe everything!  It all depends on whether you embrace fiction or truth.

Unpredictable events can make for a great movie, BUT, THEY CAN BE DISASTROUS FOR A BUSINESS!

Truths about businesses:

  • ­Mistakes will occur, costing time and money
  • ­Employees will get frustrated and walk out the door
  • ­Miscommunications will happen among staff, customers and vendors
  • ­Sales will go up, and sales will go down
  • ­Equipment will break down and become obsolete at some point
  • ­Material and other costs will rise
  • ­Owners, managers and employees will at times work very long and stressful hours
  • ­Customers will complain, and will stop doing business with your company
  • ­A competitor somewhere will be cheaper and promise more
  • ­Sickness will spread like wildfire among staff just when business is booming
  • ­Storms will knock out phones or utilities, sooner or later
  • ­Etc., Etc., Etc. (got that from “The King and I” movie)

Fiction or Myths about businesses:

  • ­People are human and can’t help making mistakes
  • ­Our type of production is too messy to keep work areas clean and clutter free
  • ­Salespeople can’t be held accountable for what they do outside the office
  • ­Employees will quit if required to follow strict procedures
  • ­People who make the least mistakes are the most technical and talented
  • ­Quality Control systems are for big companies only
  • ­We don’t have time to write and implement an operations manual
  • ­She’s a great manager although her desk looks like an overturned trash bin
  • ­You need a manager constantly overseeing people in order to keep them on task
  • ­You don’t need good systems, you just need good people
  • ­Continual Improvement is only for big car manufacturers

Truth in Business is Greater than Fiction

FICTION is greater than truth, if you believe the above list and allow it to define your business. Moreover, nothing will change for you, so I won’t argue with that “logic,” as it’s pointless. I’ve seen that movie before, and it doesn’t end well!

However, if you believe TRUTH in business is greater than fiction, then act on that truth and redefine your business for a better outcome.

For example, if an unwanted event occurs in your business, you can prevent it from happening, in most cases. To be sure, ALL events, whether wanted or unwanted, have a root cause; the TRUTH as to why they occur.

If an unwanted event turns out to be predictable, then it is PREVENTABLE, and you can STOP it!

In a Hollywood movie you’ve seen before, you know what scene is coming next. Likewise, an unwanted event that occurs in your business will tend to REPEAT, unless you get involved as the director, and discontinue the bad performance.  By implementing a system of control in your business, you can ensure a “bad movie” doesn’t replay!

On the entire list of TRUTH IN BUSINESS above; in our business we have put in systems to either stop predictable/preventable events, or to minimize their effect on our operations. That’s the TRUTH! And YOU can, too!

Hope you won’t let the fictional ideas and myths others promote in the business world keep you from success. Don’t let fiction get in the way of the truthful things you CAN, maybe DO know, as you see events good and bad play out every day in your business.

Unfortunately, those who want to believe FICTION is real, will never deal with the TRUTH, which CAN be tested.

Did I mention? Great systems work!