systematized order defeats chaosSYSTEMATIZED ORDER defeats chaos, as light overcomes the darkness!  When chaos meets this type of order, service and production in your company WINS!

I can tell you, given what happened in our company, when I finally declared all-out war on CHAOS and introduced chaos to systemization, ORDER became sustainable!

At times, the battles were pretty ugly, and we had some casualties along the way; however, we all survived, and the victory was measurable!


Realize Chaos in Business is WAR

We got a late start on waging that war, as it took several years for me to realize it WAS a war.  I knew we were under siege by chaos in our company, due to the multiple production errors and other problems we experienced each day. Sadly, I didn’t have a clue as to how to stop it. We were slowly being out-flanked, surrounded, and facing sure defeat at the hands of one stupid mistake after another.

Other “commanders” (business owners) I consulted with agreed they were encountering the same things. Steeped in their own chaos, they assured me, this “just comes with the territory” in business ownership. Moreover, they reported, I should “just get used to chaos,” and “as long as you make a profit, don’t let it bother you.”

Sorry to say, at first I took their advice and told my troops (employees) we would just have to negotiate and live with Chaos. After all, wasn’t this “normal” in our industry?

However, some battle fatigue with chaos was causing me a loss of sleep and the will to continue in business ownership. Not to mention, the stress it was causing the troops. But, something way down deep told me not to settle for that kind of daily onslaught; not to give in, but to fight back.  Slowly, I realized that CHAOS was not just occupying space with us. It was out to destroy me, our business and what I had fought for with blood, sweat and tears.

My Epiphany About Systematized Order

Long-story-short, let’s just say I had a spiritual moment—an epiphany I detail in my book System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business.  I suddenly realized how I could defeat this enemy called CHAOS. Of course, I also knew I had to be committed to its defeat, even if the war dragged on.

I’m a history buff, and having read about strategies of war against any enemy, I knew THIS one could only be fought, one battle at a time.  Using the weapons of well-planned systems, and implementing them one-by-one—with the help of God and my employees, I was determined we would overcome!

Initially, and naively, I figured the war would be over in about two years.  However, due to my inexperience as a company commander—with almost no formal business or management training—I had to retreat more than I care to admit here.  Fortunately, I always returned to the struggle with better weapons and tools for the battle.  I had to turn over a lot of rocks to find what was needed in the trenches. Don’t think I didn’t think to surrender a time or two!  But, I was determined, so the conflict raged on and on for all of eight years, until we finally achieved victory.

So, now you’re thinking, “I can’t wage war like that, and I certainly don’t have eight years to give, with family and other obligations to consider!”

The Good News is… We’ve Done the Work

We have won the battle over chaos, and it would not take YOU eight years to do the same. That is, if you commission the right people and weapons (tools)! I believe you could win the war for your business in just one or two years.

Where do you start?

  • Realization—you are IN a war with CHAOS.
  • Make a commitment—declare war to defeat this enemy, no matter how long it takes.
  • Educate yourself in Chaos Warfare—read books and articles on continual improvement, process management, business management, etc. Get wise counsel.

What can you expect during the campaign?

  • Opposition and push-back from employees and sometimes even those closest to you.
  • Battle fatigue and maybe even a few casualties—but everyone will live to share the victory!
  • Some immediate victories that will encourage you and your troops to PRESS ON!

Benefits of Winning the War

  • More time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never could find time.
  • —Peace with Profit
  • Added value to your company.
  • —Let’s just say, more than you ever imagined!

NOTE 1:  Remember Steve Jobs of Apple—you don’t need a formal business education in order to win this war!  Read Forbes Article: Entrepreneur Creates Solutions for Business Chaos.

NOTE 2:  As with the enemies of our freedoms, we must continue to be vigilant, as Chaos will not ask for an invitation to return.

NOTE 3:  READ MORE about a powerful weapon for your warfare, including our blog: What Brings Business Chaos Into Order?

So, what is it that happens when SYSTEMATIZED ORDER meets chaos? ORDER wins!

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!