Revolution in TQMOne of the pioneers, whose revelation for fixing quality issues in production and service, leading to a revolution in TQM (Total Quality Management), was W. Edward Deming.

Deming was an educator, lecturer, author, and an internationally renowned consultant. He also had a major influence on Japan’s economic recovery from World War II. Whereby, The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) established the Deming Prize. It’s still one of the highest awards in TQM in the world.

TQM may seem very intellectual and intimidating. However, once getting into the “nitty-gritty” of it, you find it is ALL based on COMMON SENSE.

A few years ago, we produced a now popular book on how to implement Total Quality Management. We also recommend a book titled, “The E-myth” by Michael Gerber.

Gerber’s book will inspire vision for how a successful business should look and operate, systematically. Our book will show you HOW to implement great systems for TQM.

These books are for any small business owner desiring to fix the messes in their business; they simplify what seems complicated. In other words, sharing an easy-to-understand methodology for systemizing a small business.

There is NO excuse for dysfunction in business. With these tools, any business owner can implement TQM into their business immediately, without years of training.

In fact, we plan to continue the revolution in TQM for years to come by inspiring others to a life-changing revelation of a better way to operate a business.

WHY? Because TQM works!  And, our goal is to see positive change in the lives of business owners, their employees, and their families.

This revelation is for those owners who are sick and tired of “business as usual.” Meaning, sick of a business plagued with errors, clutter, and miscommunication.

But the DECISION TO CHANGE is key!

Total Quality Management Requires Quality Systems

We appreciate the pioneers of TQM, although they were dealing with very large corporations.

But make NO mistake, TQM will work in a very small business of only a few employees.

In fact, only THREE STEPS are needed to bring yours to an organized, turnkey business. Three steps that will solve 98% of a business owners’ frustration.

LIFE-CHANGING REVELATION is at everyone’s fingertips. Unfortunately, many business owners, managers and employees continue living life, riddled with frustrations that are very solvable. Seek and you will find answers for your frustrations!

Change is a must! However, changing takes commitment and some humility.

Michael Gerber’s book gives a dose of “humble pie.” He says, “YOU are problem, YOU have always been the problem, and YOU will always be the problem, until YOU CHANGE!

He also says, “Every frustration in business is solvable with a system.”  AGREED!

Did I mention? Great systems work when applied faithfully