systems complianceQuality control systems compliance reaps huge benefits for companies looking for growth and order!

A funny thing happened, while driving with two of my sons to a local Starbucks for an afternoon Americano!  Well, maybe NOT so funny. You be the judge!

We were discussing our business software, System100, and its effects on our company, and our clients’ companies. I shared with my sons my frustration with trying to get some clients to use certain systems more consistently. To be sure, if we can’t get them sticking to certain systems, they may never achieve their stated objectives. In other words, if they don’t utilize a feature in System100 to end a frustration, it becomes our frustration.

Specifically, we have no authority to INSIST clients DO their part, to achieve their stated goals. Therefore, at some point, they MUST motivate themselves or, ultimately, we have to move on!

Who’s In Charge of Systems Compliance?

Sipping my Americano, I continued lamenting to my boys. “Employees MUST be made to understand” that quality or service control systems are an integral part of the business and their jobs. Thus, accountability is a MUST!”

The boys looked at each other and gave me that, “Oh, Dad” look.

“Without leadership, employees will stop using a system!” I said, “That will cause more stress for an owner, because he/she bears the expense and frustration of their company’s chaos and waste. I assume, some owners just lack the courage to enforce their own company policies. In fact, it makes me want to go in, take charge and enforce the rules myself!” (Looks again!) “However, I often get the sense that no one is really IN CHARGE. It’s like, no one seems willing to exercise their authority to require their own standards are met. Why so many wimpy bosses!?”

Paul, my eldest son, an avid science fiction buff, looked at me and joked, “Hey, Dad, tell them, they WILL comply. Tell them resistance is FUTILE… you WILL be assimilated by System100!”


For you “Star Trek junkies” out there

Maybe you remember those phrases, “Resistance is futile,” “You WILL comply,” and “You WILL be assimilated!” Whereby, The Borg, an alien race, threatened the crew of the Starship Enterprise in various episodes with these messages. In fact, The Borg intended to assimilate everyone in the universe, including Earth, into their system of living, BY FORCE.

Okay, I got the joke! Nevertheless, the need for quality and service systems for the benefit of a company’s customers should be paramount. Most importantly, employee cooperation and compliance to the best standards, for the customer’s sake, is NO JOKE!

In fact, if a company means to grow, it is my contention that employee resistance to good systems SHOULD be futile. Likewise, employees SHOULD comply with good systems that will grow the company. Ultimately, it’s to the company’s, the customers’ and the employees’ benefit, that they should NOT resist continual improvement!

Assimilation Due to Resisting Systems Compliance

My youngest son, Brandon, chimed in, “Would an owner tolerate an hourly-paid employee telling him, ‘I don’t feel like operating the machine today. I’m just not going to do it?’ I feel certain the owner would insist the employee COMPLY and operate the machine. If the employee refuses, then they need to be escorted to the door.” Brandon gets it!

I bet my Trekky membership card (if I had one) that if owners and managers FAIL to reduce waste and chaos in their companies, they WILL BE ASSIMILATED. In fact, companies will relegate themselves to obsolescence, by other companies that understand how to leverage systemizing.

Considering competitive industries and a global economy, those with excellent quality and service through systemization will win in the end, because failure is not an option.

Regarding systemization for your company, you will happily realize that resistance is futile!

Did I mention? Great systems work!