profile of an ideal employeeHiring a new employee should not be a loosey-goosey affair! Therefore, a written profile of an ideal employee is an important first step to consider, to avoid hiring the wrong person.

Most small business owners keep the characteristics of a good employee in the back of their mind.

In fact, some business owners would love to clone themselves if possible!

However, since cloning is out, consider the following list of traits we have collected over the years:

Expectations of Ideal Employee

  1. Honest with others and self
  2. Eager to learn about their trade and job position
  3. Works patiently with others in stressful situations
  4. Well-groomed (no sloppiness)
  5. Upbeat positive attitude
  6. Good Work Habits
  • Punctual
  • Stays focused on task
  • Pride in performing quality work
  • Keeps work area clean
  • Keeps personal work items organized
  • Does not take extended smoke or bathroom breaks
  1. Able to receive constructive criticism in a positive manner
  2. Does not point at others to cover their own mistakes
  3. Does not use foul or crass language, out of respect for others
  4. Not intimidated by change
  5. Constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and their workplace; offering constructive solutions, rather than complaints
  6. Enjoys sharing knowledge with others, to make fellow employees’ job easier
  7. Willingness to go the extra mile
  8. Does not need constant supervision to complete tasks consistently and on-time

It’s important to consider your own list of requirements for the Ideal Employee for your particular business. 

Systematize the Hiring of a New Employee

As with all business processes, systematizing the hiring of new employees saves a lot of time; not to mention, heartache.

For this reason, when interviewing a new applicant, have them read and make a check by each trait listed on the Profile of an Ideal Employee document.

Be sure to discuss each trait with the applicant. Ask them directly if the trait fits their own profile or assessment of themselves. You may be surprised at their comments. By doing this, they know what’s expected of them as an employee and part of a team.

Finally, if hired, place the Profile of an Ideal Employee document in their employee file.

This document could prove most helpful in the event of any future misunderstandings between management and the employee.

Did I mention? Great systems work to prevent disputes!