Cloning Yourself via SystemizationCloning Yourself via Systemization ensures your business will operate in every area, as if you were doing each job/task yourself!

I’ve been coaching and preaching this concept for years. Therefore, when I see some fruit from my labor, it can make for an exciting day. Not to mention, a great blog!

Thus, I’d like to share an email from one of our clients in the Restoration business, with his permission. He had copied me when emailing the CEO of the national chain, through which he bought his franchise business.

In my blogging and other writings I always look for ways to share concepts for organizing a business via systematization. Truly, bringing order and peace to small business owners is very rewarding to me!

Client’s Email to the CEO of a National Chain

“I was one of the many franchise owners who had problems transferring my ideas into the field. Basically, things were fine, so long as I was personally overseeing a job. But, as our company grew, I found day-to-day operations more than I could handle, and I began dropping balls. I was working 80 hours a week and completely exhausted. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t keep up with everything. I thought, if I could just CLONE about three of me!  I’ve had trouble hiring someone with real concern for service and quality control; or for completing processes, consistently. Until recently, that is!

“Early one morning, I prayed for God to help me, because I was tired, and I didn’t know how to fix my business. Providentially, I believe, I met Philip Beyer that very same day, while visiting his business. Philip’s wife, Susan, gave me his book System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your Business‘. It has changed my life!

“Implementing the systems, suggested in Philip’s book, and working directly with his application, I began to gain control of my business. It was like getting the steering wheel to a car that had none! Since then, things have changed in the kind of service we’re able to give; all because of these systems!”

Client Separates His Company from Competitor

I called to thank this client for his encouraging email, and he told another uplifting story about “cloning yourself via systemization”…

“We received an emergency water call about a condo that was flooded in Nashville,” he said. “Not long after we arrived, we realized there were TWO condos affected; they were side by side. Our company was doing the restoration on the one, and a competitor was to mitigate the other one. Both companies worked feverishly to get these clients’ water damage under control.

“After the first 24 hours, we went back to do the monitoring phase and found that the owners of the two condos are best friends. Curious, the owner of the condo my competitor worked on asked our client, ‘Who is your insurance company?’ Actually, both owners had State Farm. She told our owner, ‘I didn’t get near the service you did. Come over and see what I mean.’

Good Systems Made all the Difference!

Excitedly, my client continued his story. “Both owners asked us how there could be such a difference in the two services. We were able to tell them that our franchise has systems; checklist prompts that produce the same great results on every job. In fact, there was such a big difference between the two companies, and it made a BIG impression. Specifically, the problem we business owners have is, ‘how to get the job done the way I would do it, if I was able to do every job myself’.

“I pull out every stop to make a difference between my company and the competition. Fortunately, I’ve found the answer to how to do that! It’s the same answer that companies like McDonald’s have found—Systems!” 

Cloning Yourself via Systemization Makes All of You Happy!

Thankfully, these real stories, shared by our client, were more affirmation that we are doing some good!

Can I get another witness?

Did I Mention? Great systems work!