Labor in order to restTo all small business owners, salespersons, and managers: Please come to ORDER! Make no mistake, the secret to stress-less success is to LABOR IN ORDER TO REST.

To be clear, you must LABOR diligently, purposefully, relentlessly to bring systemic ORDER to your position. Yes, it takes that type of LABOR to REST. It’s NOT for the faint of heart, nor the “wimpy,” but the dividends are priceless.

As your vision of SUCCESS comes into view, the result is an unruffled REST.

Two definitions for REST are 1) “relieved from exertion,” or 2) “to cease action,” as in a court of law when the defense rests. The REST, for this discussion, is BOTH!

Results of Poor Non-systematized Labor Habits

Here are a few scenarios for your consideration:

When a non-systematic, shoot-from-the-hip SALESPERSON brings in a new job for customer service to onboard, they usually present haphazard and/or missing specs. Whereby, Customer Service must find the missing specs to fill-in-the-blanks, causing them extra time and frustration. NO rest in that for either party!

This type of Salesperson usually has NO system for selling. Meaning, they rarely use tracking tools like a CRM for keeping up with clients, prospects, and suspects. Their LABOR is just dealing with problems as they happen, i.e. “Let the good time roll!” NO proactive action here.

In like manner, a non-systematic MANAGER will spend hours of unnecessary management time, due to back-tracking, cluttered offices and production areas. In fact, they have NO quality assurance system to arrest mistakes, and NO personal checklist system to keep them on track.

Without systems, they labor unnecessarily dealing with mistakes and miscommunications as they happen. Yep, and it will continue to happen. No REST here either!

Now consider the non-systematized OWNER, the person who is responsible for ALL disorder in their business. To be blunt, they should never place blame on salespeople, managers, or any employee. Not, when they refuse or procrastinate in providing employees the RIGHT TOOLS to do their job.

To be fair, some owners don’t know what the right tools are for bringing order. However, that is NOT an excuse to allow chaos to reign, causing stress and discouragement to their employees AND customers. There are many books, blogs, and videos on that subject with just a click.

How to Labor in Order to Rest

To LABOR correctly and systematically in the realm of ORDER, the investment in the right tool is essential.

Shockingly, many small business owners will complain about the price of tools that could bring systemic ORDER to their business. They fail to consider software as a tool, just like any other investment in a piece of equipment, vehicle, or other business asset.

QUICK STORY… We’ve seen owners invest in Business Process Management tools; then they NEVER use them. Unfortunately, they make the financial investment, but within a short time, go right back to a “loosey goosey” method of operation.

To labor in order to rest only happens when a whole-hearted DECISION is made. That you will never give in to disorder and discouragement that occurs when you’re in the battle of defeating the enemy. There can be no retreat!

To be sure, the enemy is real; and its name is “chaos”!

Once making that decision, the battle is yours. You can be sure; the tools are affordable and will pay great dividends.

Ladies and gentlemen, the defense for systemic order RESTS!

We hope you will come to the verdict we did, that RESTING requires purpose-driven LABOR!

Did I mention? Great systems work!