Infrequently Asked QuestionsInfrequently asked questions disrupt business operations, resulting in lost profit due to rework; coupled with, low employee morale.

Can this be true, you wonder?

Sadly, employees believe the consequence of interrupting supervisors with questions, even IF infrequently, means—less job security. Therefore, important questions go unanswered, jeopardizing quality of service and product.

Fact is, management preoccupied with putting out fires in operations often seems unapproachable by employees; resulting in business disruption from stupid mistakes. All due to, important—although infrequently asked—questions, NOT getting asked.

The reason management disregards or fails to answer employees’ questions is, they’re simply TOO BUSY. Moreover, they’re too preoccupied to systemize operations that would provide employees a SELF-HELP TOOL with answers to ALL necessary questions relating to business operations.

The adage, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” applies here. So, if management fails to assure employees that ALL questions are welcome, errors will continue.

How do I know?

By having countless conversations with employees, it doesn’t take long to realize, the ROOT CAUSE of many errors is due to one ridiculous reason. That is, an employee failed to get the correct answer BEFORE proceeding with a job process.

Consequently, in some establishments, the employee gets the blame, and labeled “inept.” When, in fact, un-systemized management is the culprit. Without change from management, the circle of chaos will continue.

Isn’t it interesting that management always has time to REWORK mistakes!

Addressing Infrequently Asked Questions

Understandable is the fact that management gets TIRED of interruptions from a constant stream of employees’ questions. For that reason, even the infrequently asked questions become annoying.

By the same token, employees grow tired of NOT HAVING THE RIGHT INFORMATION TO DO THEIR JOB!

With that in mind, the BEST TOOL for reducing ALL employee questions to near ZERO is, Business Process Management Software.

Better yet, Business Process Management Software with a ready-to-edit operations manual, accessible to employees and management. You might say, a 24-hour-a-day-manager-in-a-box that never grows tired.

Important to realize, this type software is the tool to turnkey a business, making the company much more valuable when it’s time to sell.

More amazingly, BPM-Business Process Management Software is an investment asset that earns money. Therefore, as with any investment to improve a business, it should never end-up costing money.

Did I mention? Great systems work! (Any questions?)