Homestead RescueYou may have seen the reality TV show “Homestead Rescue,” where the Raney family attempts to rescue troubled homesteaders living “OFF the grid” in some wilderness. But now on the brink of failure.

For background, the Raney family has vast knowledge and experience in the art of homesteading. They are proficient in operating heavy machinery and countless homeowner’s tools. They also have great gardening, farming, and hunting skills.

Watching the Raney’s show is a constant reminder of how our team of “small business systemizers” also attempts to rescue small business owners. Those struggling with chaos that threatens their business’s survival.

The main difference is, our tools are ON the grid.  In other words, we mostly conduct rescue operations ONLINE. However, when invited occasionally, we go onsite for face-to-face intervention. It’s our version of a “homestead rescue” for business.

Challenges of a Homestead Rescue for Business

Surprisingly, many times, while attempting a homestead rescue, the Raney’s encounter stubborn resistance from the failing homesteaders who have reached out for help.

One recent episode involved a family living in a clapboard house in the middle of a flood zone in the Ozark Mountains. To fix the problem, the Raney’s were ready to use their 20-ton excavator to move the house to higher ground on the 30-acre homestead.

Unbelievably, having endured many floods and tornadoes, the family DECLINED the move. They were adamant, “We can’t do that, it’s the home we’ve lived in since we began our homestead dream.”

Many a dream has been washed away by poor decisions and lost opportunities!

That’s not unlike our experience with small business owners who reach out for help with their disorganization. Having called us to help fix the disorder in their business, they often balk at change.  In fact, they often set up self-inflicted roadblocks, which delays the FIX!

Common Denominators of Homestead and Business Rescues

A few common denominators between TV’s failing off-grid homesteads and the out-of-control businesses we encounter, are their poor planning, lack of knowledge, and procrastination.

For this reason, our team, like the Raney family, insists on the owner’s involvement in the rescue, from start to finish. Consequently, this creates a sense of pride and achievement when the project is completed. After all, it was the owner’s vision, their “dream,” in starting their business.

In any event, some encouragement, training on the right tools, and sometimes a NOT-so-subtle kick in the pants, will re-stimulate a homesteader’s or small business owner’s vision.

The best common denominator, between the “Homestead Rescue” show and our “homestead rescue for business,” is witnessing tears of joy at the completion of the hard work. Whereby, those former tears caused by panic and overwhelming chaos are replaced with HOPE!

We would be remiss, if we didn’t identify a few tools-of-the-trade for small business rescue. For example, Business Process Management software, a comprehensive Operations Manual, and the call to embrace Continual Improvement in every area of business! Used well, these systems or “tools” will also change your life!

Did I mention?  Great systems work—for businesses, as well as homesteads!