Improvement-Systems-a-Fading-Fad.pngYou have no doubt heard, GE (General Electric) and Motorola sales are in decline! Consequently, some emboldened “know-it-all” business professionals,  but “never-done-it-at-all gurus,” claim Six Sigma and similar-type improvement systems a fading fad.

One of the reasons is, Six Sigma held up these two clients as models of success. To make matters worse, Six Sigma has seen a steady decline in interest for the past decade and a half.

Nonetheless, NEVER place blame on ANY good management system, due to poor implementation.

Never judge a system by its ABUSE!

Furthermore, claiming continual improvement systems a fading fad is tantamount to saying good business organization is a farce.

The Automobile is Proof – Continual Improvement Works

Consider this fact, when comparing today’s automobiles to those built in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Back then, you weren’t sure your car would even start in the morning. Thanks to the continual improvement movement, led by the automobile industry, our cars keep getting better. Not to mention, countless other products and services.

For the naysayers, TQM (Total Quality Management) is here to stay!

As someone who totally systemized a commercial printing company, front to the back, and reduced errors from 7 percent to 1½ percent, I can tell you—TQM works absolutely. More importantly, we work with countless other small businesses achieving similar results.

We have proven, good business systems and good management practices are ETERNAL. You can be sure they will NEVER go out of style.

Why Business Management Implementation Fails

Unfortunately, it’s always easier to place the blame on a proven methodology, than place blame where it belongs. Specifically, on owners and management!

In fact, one of the main reasons implementation of management software and/or programs fail is, the OWNER does not direct the project to FINAL COMPLETION.

For some reason, owners think they can just delegate an all-important, life changing project to lower management. From our experience, we have never known that to work

Unfortunately, even well-known business improvement methodologies like Lean Management have a very high rate of failure. However, LEAN WORKS, IF IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY!

No Follow-up System for Assuring Compliance

From our considerable knowledge and years of implementing business process management systems, we have also identified another major cause of partial implementation and/or complete failure.

That is, the lack of utilizing a follow-up system that monitors compliance of employees and management to the software/system.

In short, you must track all abuses to assure the correct use of the system.

The bottom line is—when small business owners take responsibility for how their business operates from opening to closing, from front to back. Success will follow!

Did I mention? Great systems are always in fashion!