business visionIf your company is experiencing chaos and disorder these days, maybe it’s time to revisit your business vision!

QUESTIONS: What was it that made you risk everything to start your business in the first place? What do you want for your business going forward?

Some years ago, when my wife and I were dating, she finally became frustrated when five, then six years had passed with little change in our relationship. Would she ever hear those four little words?  As a long-time bachelor, you can imagine my discomfort when she began to ask ME a particular question: “What do you WANT, Philip?”

You see, I was fine with things the way they were, even when she smilingly compared our dating life to an “Andy Griffith romance.” You know, weekend dinners and movies, great conversations, but no sign to her of a real commitment.

We were both busy people so I was in no hurry.  But, when her question became more pointed and less smiling, I had to ask myself, “What DO you want, Philip?”  I realized it was time to fish or cut bait!

Maybe that’s a question you need to ask yourself now, regarding your business vision?

What Do You Want For Your Business?

Our software company receives calls from business owners all over the U.S. and beyond, sharing their many frustrations. They are tired of being “bogged down in day-to-day operations.” Moreover, they’re looking for ways to free themselves of working long hours and dealing with errors, bottlenecks and miscommunications. Additionally, they seek help in controlling seemingly endless variables in processes that “normally” run a business. But, what many of those overwhelmed owners describe as “normal,” I would call CHAOS!

Owners tell us they feel chained to their business that has now become just a very difficult job. Mostly, they feel as if the business owns THEM; it’s taken over their lives and, in many cases, the lives of their family. They seem to have forgotten their original business vision!

Business owners generally call us after they have visited our Website and watched a few of our videos. Additionally, they’ve read some of our articles; maybe even read our book, System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your Business.  Initially, we hear excitement in their voices, as if they have found the answer to their dilemma.  Like, someone having found a new fad diet that is sweeping the country, seeming to offer some magical ingredient that will solve their weight problem quickly and forever—and with little to no real effort.

Now I ask YOU, as a business owner or manager:

What IS Your Business Vision?

Why do you get up every morning to bust your rump and fight the same battles? What possesses you to answer the same questions from staff for the zillionth time, and worry over the same recurring mistakes—while YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT IT?

Of course, you have to make a living, but you don’t have to OWN a business to do that!  You don’t have to endure the burdens of law suits, government over-regulation and taxes; employees pulling at you from every direction. Do you enjoy constant phone calls from the office while you’re on vacation or trying to enjoy a family event? And how about all that training and retaining staff; the up-and-down economy, constant changes in business technology, making payroll, and paying down your debt?

Why put those pressures on yourself if you don’t mean to employ the smartest way possible to handle it?

Now, if all that DOESN’T sound familiar in your company, just thank God you’re an over-comer. And pray for those who are still on the front lines of this battle with chaos every day. Because MOST business owners can easily relate. Are you one of THOSE NEEDING SYSTEMS?

For those who ARE battling these issues, I ask again, What do you WANT?

I believe I know your answer: You WANT to realize the dreams you had when you chose to own your own business. You want financial independence and freedom to do those OTHER things you always wanted to do, but could never find the time. Maybe you want more time for your family, hobbies, travel; to build that home, or own a farm in the country. Maybe you just want to help other people in some way, but not much time for that these days.  Did you give up on those dreams?

So, What Do You WANT?

We often get calls about our software, articles and books, because I profess to know how to gain control over a business through “systemization.” FACT IS, over more than twenty years we have tested and proven that IT REALLY WORKS!

Yes, I also had to fight the demons of self-doubt, the naysayers and the in-your-face criticism. Even in recent years, with the downturn in the economy, those “demons” reared their ugly heads again. I had to back-burner some more exciting projects to rejoin our troops on the front lines of our business. Thankfully, with prayer and re-commitment to dealing with those challenges head-on, we’re still in the game. AND, it was our SYSTEMS that kept us going!

I GET IT! So many business owners are looking for some magic bullet, but “magic” begins by understanding your very real GOALS. You must KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU REALLY WANT for all your efforts; then do whatever it takes to make your business the best it can be.

If that’s going to happen, you must WANT to make a total commitment to systemizing your company or organization. You start by developing written Standard Operating Procedures for every process in your business. Sound difficult? LET’S TALK!

You’re already in some pain, or you wouldn’t be seeking a remedy for your business. If you call on me to help FIX IT, the first thing I would tell you is GET PAST THE PAIN.

Nothing that is worthwhile and meant to last happens with little to no real effort!

What do I want? 

My hope is that your commitment to implement great systems in your business would give you the peace of mind and satisfaction of having all the tools you WANT (no chaos in your business) for ongoing success. Your dreams are waiting on YOU!

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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